Back to Work

April was a pretty lousy month for fitness. The weather was terrible. School demanded attention and effort. Not much work got done. The semester is now over and its time to get into some sort of shape.

I used my Powertap for the first time in a while during a bike workout. It seems likely that I will bike acceptably at the Gear West Duathlon and be strong by June. I also pulled out the Garmin for my first official tempo run of the year. It seems likely that I’ll eat a turd sandwich on the run at the Gear West Duathlon, but this is nothing new for me.

In other news, I’m going down to Rochester to be a subject in a study next Monday and Wednesday. Monday will be a VO2 Max test on the bike and Wednesday will be a protocol of some sort working at different percentages of VO2 Max. I’m very excited to take part in research as school has forced me to read many, many of these articles over the last few years. I think I will be part of their control group.

Finally, if you are wondering what will be hot and what will not be hot this summer stop by Gear West Bike for some answers. We pride ourselves on being fashion forward. Here are some hints: Mullets – hot. Tubes instead of belts – hot. Mustaches – were briefly hot, now not hot. We have a full staff of consultants to help you get your summer look together.

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One Response to Back to Work

  1. Hawes says:

    Mullets = ick
    Mustaches = ick
    Keep the face shaved and the haircut high and tight
    You need to change your banner so there is no snow
    Get to work

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