Winter Work

After a good break through November I got back to training in December. All three sports are coming along nicely at this point. It has been nice to put in week after week of uninterrupted, consistent work. I plug away on my Felt in the basement and according to the power data my legs are remembering how cycling works. Check my twitter @dpalmertri for the occasional opportunity to guess my power numbers and win fabulous prizes.

My first attempt at a race calendar is posted. I will be fit earlier this year and will tackle a few pro races in May and then spend most of June racing the classics here in Minnesota. I am excited for July and August as there are now three pro races nearby with Lifetime Minneapolis, the Rev3 half in Wisconsin, and TriStar 111 Minnesota up in Maple Grove. It is much more exciting to race against the big boys in front of a hometown crowd.  If you are racing IM Wisconsin this September I will be there yelling at you, probably from the shade of an orange OHP tent. I’ll finish the season with the two Rev 3 half irons in October in South Carolina and Florida. One of my athletes might be taking on her first half in Florida. I intend to finish quickly in order to holler at her for as much of her race as possible.

I tweeted recently about my awesome mustache / goatee combination. It is fierce. I received several requests for photographic evidence. If you really want to see it come to my cycling class Wednesday Evenings at 6:30 at OptumHealth Performance. I may try to find a way to post a photo but it could be a while.

Hopefully everyone is enjoying this absurdly mild winter!



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