Kansas City 5150

Kansas City 5150 went pretty well last weekend.

It was a fun road trip as I had Minnesotan / Wisconsinite / Canadian Claire Bootsma as my co-pilot. Pick good travel buddies if you want to have a good travel race weekend. Over the past few years I’ve used excellent travelpanions like Kris Swarthout, Harvey Skees, and Sue Rubens. Makes the whole experience way better. Claire, despite having roots in both Wisconsin and Canada (equally unforgivable), was agreeable company and she did not get cheese or maple syrup on any of my stuff. There were a few other Minnesotans who went down, 3 of 4 got Hy Vee Elite Amateur slots and the 4th had by far the best tats at the race so it was a good showing.

My race was similar to Knoxville. A slow start put me just a bit behind the back of the front group in the swim and 1:15 down out of the water. The ride was strong and I moved up to 2nd on the second lap. Jordan Jones, who won, rode by shortly after so I just tried to keep him in sight the rest of the ride. I had a very unfortunate T2 due and due to swelling in my heels and loss of blood flow to my thumbs it took an extra minute to get my run shoes on. Note: I did not have any swelling or loss of blood flow, it was just a rough transition.

The run was alright. At Knoxville the field was deep so there was a big group together off the bike. I could relax and try to run my own best run as they all scampered off with 31-33s. Here the field was split up into little groups of 2 or 3 and it was more depressing to have guys catch me and go by sporadically. Once out of the money (only top 5 got paid) I decided I really did not want to get blasted out of the top ten. A big group of guys was just rolling up at the finish – oddly they all seemed to be running an evenly spaced 5 seconds apart. One went by but that was enough so I hustled in for 9th.

For the nerds: Swim was either 19:46 or 20:18 (results after the race and current results are different, either way it was a TYR Sayonara swim not a TYR Hurricane swim), 56:18, 36:36.

Overall it was pretty good. My riding is good relative to other guys but I’m still lagging behind in the swim and a 36 10k is not competitive when plenty of guys are running 31-33. Thankfully someone invented something called training and it has been shown to improve endurance performance.

I’m looking forward to representing Gear West Bike and OptumHealth Performance at a few great local events through June: Buffalo, Manitou, and Minneman. Come say hi if you’re racing any of these.

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