The Price of Pushing It

After my initial pro races this season it was clear I needed to raise my game to be competitive as both the swim and run were lacking. Since the next pro race on the schedule was in July, June was a vigorous month of training. Upon reflection it was probably the most vigorous 4 weeks of training I’ve ever done. Hopefully the result of this work will be positive at the Lifetime Minneapolis race this Saturday.

The price of pushing it in training was my performance at the OptumHealth Performance Minneman Olympic a few weekends back. That weekend was the 4th of the 4 vigorous weeks.

The swim didn’t feel terrible but due to a sighting issue into the sun I went wide on the course and set myself back substantially. The ride was rocky, I felt legitimate for about 5 miles in the middle but otherwise rode weak and then felt bonkish towards the end. Bonking should not be a factor in a short course race! I count on my ride no matter what so riding wimpily was a downer. The run felt like the back half of a 1/2 Ironman run. I was going slow and suffering badly at the same time. You would think a person should only suffer if they are going fast but no, we are no so lucky. Anyways I plodded my way across the line and really, really enjoyed sitting down for a long while.

As verification of how bad I looked on the run Kevin from Gear West Bike stopped giving me race feedback and started encouraging me just to finish! He has been to suffertown a fair number of times so he knew what was going on. After some water and a couple hot dogs the world wasn’t so bad and I was able to chit chat and even catch a couple of my athletes finishing.

The really unfortunate thing is that I finished just outside of the money! It is a sad situation, to get fast enough to win money at pro races I’m pushing in training without easing up for local races – even if the local races are often the best chance to make a little cash. Clearly in this instance I was on the ‘too much’ side for a local race week. 3 weeks earlier I had a great race at Manitou off a good week of work. A chance to race for cash should usually be worth the risk of blowing up but it is truly unpleasant to suffer through and more than a little embarrassing. I suppose being out there on the course and representing my sponsors during and after the event make it worthwhile. Plus Kerry Yndestad got some great photos and it is impossible to tell how slow I was going. That is a little victory.

The weeks of training themselves were enjoyable. It is nice to build fitness during the season and make improvements in all three sports. The only downside of course being the occasional blowout at a local race. It is now a pro race ‘race week’ and all the tuneups have gone better than the previous editions before Knoxville and Kansas City. Very much looking forward to sleeping in my own bed and walking down to Nokomis for the race in the morning. If you are going to watch Lifetime please be creative and aggressive with whatever you yell at me. Who knows, if I’m hurting or looking glum maybe some profanity would bring things back around. It’s your call. I will be working at the OptumHealth Performance booth at the expo 10-2 on Friday. Swing by when you get your packet and I will give you a free high five or a quick style tip.

Finally, I am officially announcing my need for a mustache wax sponsor. If you know anyone in the mustache wax industry please tell them that I would be a great ambassador and that I am really looking for a mutually beneficial partnership. They can contact me via Twitter @dpalmertri or just leave their offer as a comment on this blog. Thank you.


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