Season Finale

The 2012 season is over. Here are all the important events that have occurred since August:

-Rev3 Maine: Wonderful trip, really nice place for a race. Not a dazzling performance. Dropped in the swim, rode ok, rough run. Was humbled to see a true bike monster in action, I rode a mediocre 56 and Conrad Stoltz crushed a 52! Consolation: lobster.

-Mustache Relay: put together an all star cast of mustachioed athletes for a relay at the St Croix Olympic. We won. It was fun. I rode 55:11 on a super, super dicey course. There will be several of relay opportunities in 2013 so keep a few of your weekends open.

-Ironman Wisconsin Spectatoring: watched my star pupil Suzie have a fantastic Ironman debut. Age group win, amazingly intelligent execution (with a few notable exceptions), and naturally she said ‘never again!’ but was quickly talked into taking her Kona slot. Peer pressure works! It was great to meet her and my other athlete just out of the finish chute. I love watching Wisconsin to yell at people I know on the run when they are trying to pity themselves. ‘Oh I feel bad’ Yes of course you do it’s Ironman.

-Training: did some

-Rev3 Anderson: landed a homestay with some Clemson triathletes. Great weekend watching Kona and hanging out with them. Unfortunately I slid out on a corner 12 miles into the bike. Scraped myself and wrecked my front tubular, my race was over. I was irritated to waste a trip, miss a chance to race with great fitness, and it was overcast and cool so it would have been ideal conditions. Overall lucky to come away without much serious damage.

-Rev3 Florida: breezy day meant no swim. 1.5 mile run to start. The boys really went to town and I was way behind. Spent the entire ride moving back through the field. Ended up riding too hard and was shattered starting the run. After a good stretch of vigorous training this was a pretty depressing season finale. Consolation was a fabulous homestay (backyard pool!) and seeing one of my athletes take on her first long course race like a champ.

-Reviewing the year, I’d like to reiterate how impressive the Rev3 organization is. Their venues are interesting and for the most part the courses are fun and challenging. They offer the professional ‘big race’ feel of Ironman but with a completely different attitude towards the athletes: they are happy to have you there! I think Ironman obviously does a phenomenal job with their events but find their tone towards the athletes is a little less warm. Minnesotans racing Wisconsin or Lake Tahoe should look at Rev3 Wisconsin Dells as their tuneup event. I plan to race most of the series again in 2013.

-Overall in 2012 I made some important gains in training and had a few great races. Unfortunately, some planning and organization mistakes led to plenty of subpar performances. Looking ahead I’ll have to lay out the 2013 season more carefully. After Rev3 has figured out their series plan and all the races have finalized their dates I’ll put up a 2013 schedule.

-A big thank you to Gear West Bike, where I go for gear, expert bike fitting, and of course where gentle hands heal the wounds I constantly inflict on my bike. Thanks also to OptumHealth Performance and my man Harvey Skees for their support in 2012. If you were wondering where I got that stylish, form fitting tri suit it’s from TYR.

Time to spend a couple weeks resting, reflecting, refocusing for 2013. If you are have done your resting and reflecting and want to get to work for 2013 and need guidance this is the time to contact a coach and get rolling, not in March!

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