Friday Information

Happy new year! Welcome to 2013. It is going to be a great year. For me at least, not sure what you’ve got planned. Hopefully good stuff – I’d hate for you to have a bad year. I’m slowly narrowing my professional focus and now it is triathlon coaching and triathlon training.

Well, I’m also coaching a masters twice a week with Genesis Aquatics, one of the few masters around where you get a good workout every time and no nonsense. Swimming there (I swim the 7:30 practice after coaching the 5:30 and 6:30) has been a blast. I slack super hard for warmup and then go nuts on the main set. I have a couple fast lanemates and it is fun to do some battle. If you think you swim alot, consider this: my lanemate Karen hit 750 miles for the year early in December so she cruised the rest of the month. I think it goes without saying she does well on long sets.

The rest of my training is going great. I managed to get through the holiday zone with minimal loss of training. Training is good for you. If applied one to three times daily, training can improve your performance. Training, just do some. I cannot endorse training strongly enough if you are an endurance athlete. The positives of training far outweigh the negatives. Several scientific studies have shown that training can be used to improve performance.

NYE afternoon I won my last race of 2012, the Resolution 5k around Como Lake in Saint Paul. I coerced my mother and brother into doing it and they had a pretty solid battle with my brother pulling away in the final 1/2 mile. The family that runs around in very cold weather together, stays together.

I am still pondering races for this season. Rev3 is putting on a race in Branson which is exciting. I raced there in 2011 but was struck down with a flat tire so if possible I’ll return for redemption. The main road the bike uses is closed down for the race which is amazing and the course is hilly. Minnesotans keep the Rev3 Wisconsin Dells half in mind as your warm up race for Ironman Wisconsin. The Dells has about the same feet of climbing over 56 miles that Madison does in 112 and you can use the water slides for recovery.

I have a battle between the theoretical and practical when it comes to choosing races. Ideally I’d race a few local events here and there for fun and to represent my sponsors in town but focus on 6 or so pro races throughout the year. Many little races are have a bit of cash so there is strong incentive to race around here more often than is ideal for my prep for the pro races. As a practical matter if I can drive to a local race and make a few hundred bucks, that is doing something I love for 1-2hrs and making some money. Too many of these and I can’t do the training I need and it starts to sap mental energy I should be saving up for the pro races, where I really need to be on my game. I love having chunks of time to train hard and focus for pro races but I also hate to pass on a chance to make money. I am trying to work out a reasonable compromise that gives me opportunities to get paid and blocks of time to train. Making things even more complicated is the fact that I’ve got to schedule a road trip race with each of the following friends: Harvey, Sam, Suzie, Claire, Dan, Kris. Making decisions is tough when you’re working with a simple mind.

In basement resident news, our friend Claire is trying to sell us on having her good friend Dan move in for the summer. Claire is currently living in the basement and is allowed 30 minutes of ‘upstairs time’ per day. Dan is currently living in Florida under a bridge. Thea (the homeowner and a good friend of mine) realized she will be running a half-way house for triathletes.

Hoping to reveal my race schedule and some new sponsor information soon. Have a nice weekend!

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