Gold Guys Challenge


I am very excited to announce the Gold Guys are a sponsor for 2013. The Gold Guys themselves, Shane and Joe, built their business right here in Minnesota and have grown nationwide. Their success since opening the first store at the Mall of America in 2008 is a reflection of their commitment to their customers.

As a sponsored athlete it is my job to represent the Gold Guys in an attention grabbing way. This is where you can help. I need ideas for how I can bring gold into the picture at my races. I am challenging all Minnesota triathletes to come up with ideas and submit them to me over Twitter. Twitter, if you don’t know, is the center of the internet universe. Get on twitter, follow me @dpalmertri, and send me a tweet with your idea. You can also keep up with the Gold Guys themselves @thegoldguys.

So far all I could think of is painting my aero helmet gold. My manager Kris suggested MC Hammer style gold warm up pants before races. My coach Joel suggested gold chains in the style of Mr. T, though that does not seem practical during races.


That is where we are. Obviously I need more ideas. Please submit your idea post haste.

What is the prize for winning this challenge? Every idea will get a retweet, an excellent reward on Twitter. If I implement your idea we will have a photo op together at a race. If it is a really, really good idea we can do a Gold Guys relay together at mutually convenient race! So there it is, everyone gets a retweet, implemented ideas get a photo op at a race, really good idea and we can do a relay together. TO BE CLEAR: YOU WILL NOT BE COMPENSATED WITH GOLD.

Thanks Gold Guys and welcome aboard!



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3 Responses to Gold Guys Challenge

  1. Coach Kris says:

    Now STOP! Hammer Time!

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