Gold Guys Ideas

A couple weeks ago I asked for ideas of how to best represent the Gold Guys this season. The responses came flooding in! Here are the highlights:

-Gold run shoes

-Gold goggles

-Show up to races in a gold Aston Martin (currently not in the budget)


-Gold front tooth (I was missing a front tooth for much of 2010 and 2011 but sadly already got a normal looking implant)

-Gold Speedo (suggested twice)

-Gold Grill (in the style of Mr. Ryan Lochte)

-Gold cod piece

-Race with big gold chain

-Gold helmet

-Gold piercings

-Gold plated bike frame

-Finally, this fabulous custom gold race kit

Thanks for all the ideas! Some will be implemented and some, for many reasons, will not be implemented. I’m excited to be the only Gold Guys pro out on the course!

In other sponsor news, Gear West Bike & Tri was ranked in the top 10 tri retailers in the US! For those of us who frequent Gear West Bike this is a no brainer. If you have never been, imagine a store created by triathletes for triathletes filled with every wonderful triathlon gadget big or small. It is like going to a candy shop as a kid or going to a library if you are a nerd. If you have friends just starting out in this sport they can get all their shopping done in one place if you send them to Gear West Bike.

Training has been coming along. As it is winter, I’ve been running and swimming alot and biking is on the back burner. The running is really coming around. I’m on a balanced diet of treadmill workouts and normal runs outside. Swimming is a mix of sessions alone and twice a week with Genesis Aquatics.

Here is an inspirational swimming story: I started this morning’s swim feeling pretty lousy, which is not uncommon. I swam slow all through the warmup set. I knew I wanted to just use pull and paddles for the main set to get it done with minimal thinking. I also knew my lanemates would hassle me for this, but hey I’m a triathlete we do what we want. Main set was 4×500 on 6:20, nothing fancy. I did the first two pretty smooth/steady (5:49, 5:43) and by the 3rd my lanemate Brian was on my case to drop the equipment – nope, not going to happen. Sidenote: he took a bathroom break on the 2nd and missed about 50% of it. The 3rd I sat right on his feet, a major pet peeve of his. Before the 4th when he couldn’t talk me out of paddles he insisted on getting some so we waited a full minute while he rummaged for them. Our coach Scott Tripps pointed out again how much Brian hated having someone on his feet and I was suddenly on a mission. When we started I went a full 5 seconds back but absolutely sprinted the 1st 50 to make up the gap. I proceeded to sit comfortably on his feet and he surged a little after half way but I kept the gap small. Anyways, I accomplished my mission of annoying him and along the way matched my old 500 PR from high school 5:19 (A couple weeks ago I also matched my old 100 Backstroke PR of 1:02 on a Fast Friday, I was not great in high school). Don’t abandon a session if you feel lousy at the start, don’t be afraid to use tools if they will help you get a better workout done, and find little things to help get you fired up! Having the goal of annoying Brian ended up making my day and I most certainly do not apologize. He totally had it coming and he will probably get his revenge soon enough.

Have a great week!

Thanks Gold Guys and Gear West Bike

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