Almost Famous

I had my greatest moment of feeling almost famous at packet pickup before the Rochester Triathlon in 2010. It was my first pro season and I’d just won Pigman Sprint and Manitou Sprint that month. I was staying with Alex Hooke down in Rochester who coincidentally would be my main rival. Alex drove us to packet pickup and we were just walking in the door when another fellow was walking out.

Right away he asked Alex in a conspiratorial tone “Hey, did you hear who is coming down to race?” He was referring to me. Alex explained yes he did know who was coming and in fact here he is. So there you have it. My name was just notable enough to be known by this guy but there I stood and he had no idea who I actually was. Almost famous.

The race did not go well as I blew by a turn on the bike despite Alex having previewed the course with me. Thankfully a cop chased me down and turned me around otherwise it would have been a really lonely day. I am returning to Rochester in 2013 for redemption. When I told Alex he graciously offered to help me preview the course again this time. He also said there is Gold Guys billboard near his home which to my mind means it’s definitely my year in Rochester. My sponsor is already psyching out my rivals.

If you are looking for a June olympic or sprint come join me for some shenanigans.

I am also pleased to be opening my season with Final Stretch at their Falls Duathlon on April 27. I am in the hunt for redemption there as I lost to Gear West Bike teammate Chad Millner last year. Winning last year gave him a three-peat but I have no intentions of letting him four-peat. It is a fun and relaxed way to get the season rolling.

Just a heads up, get your tickets now there are going to be major fireworks at the Gear West Duathlon in the relay category. There is some drama brewing that you won’t want to miss between myself and a certain glasses and speedo wearing St Paulite. I don’t want to give anything else away but I can guarantee there is going to be more trash talked than if Macca and Donald Trump got into an argument over who is classier.

Next week I will have a few more race announcements and some very exciting sponsor news. Also next week my pal Dan Hedgecock is coming back to Minnesota after a few months vacationing in Florida. I am growing a ‘welcome back’ beard and you should too. Dan is classier than Macca and Donald combined and after months in Florida possibly tanner.

Have a fine weekend, hopefully our last in the snow!


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