Drama and tough talk on Twitter

If you have a taste for drama then I have great news for you.

A couple years ago I met a bespectacled fellow in brightly colored shorts at the Gear West Duathlon named Steve Stenzel. He has an annual tradition of doing a relay with his brother in law Matt Linder. Linder came to my spin classes the one winter I taught at LA Fitness in Saint Paul. Linder is out in 2013 and Stenzel recruited a biker by the name of Pete Webster. I think he rode in the Tour de France a few years back on Team Lotto. Maybe I made that up, hard to say.

This winter I thought to myself, why let this Stenzel waltz away with the prestigious relay title at the Gear West Duathlon? There is no title more coveted. I turned to my friend and adidas tech rep Ben Kampf to fill out a squad. The two of us have officially challenged Stenzel and Webster and we are eager for the showdown May 19. If you think you can assemble a team to rival us by all means bring it on.

Steve is a real tough talker on social media. I, being a quiet and modest Minnesotan, was reluctant to participate in any pre race trash talk but I have been forced to put out some honest thoughts about the race on Twitter. Keep up with this soap opera as it plays out on Twitter by follow me (@dpalmertri), Stenzel (@SteveinaSpeedo), & Ben (@BenKampf1). Webster is too busy riding 500 miles a week to talk smack on social media. Ben and I are both University of Minnesota alums and will be racing as “Gold Gopher Guys”. Stenzel & Webster are “Itchy and Scratchy”. There is talk of an equalizer to even the odds but that is still being negotiated.

Various other things to know:

If you are racing the Falls Duathlon, Gear West Duathlon, Trinona or Rochesterfest Triathlon plan to come to packet pickups the day before the race. I will be at each causing trouble and giving stuff away. Details closer to each race.

I’m excited to be racing the Rev3 series in 2013 at their Quassy, Wisconsin Dells and Branson events. Still sorting out details with another pro race in late August.

I will be hosting several events for the Gear West Tri club this summer if you were looking for a fun, low key group to train and race with.

Hopefully we will all be riding outside by next week!

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