Brand New: Quintana Roo and Falls Du


I am very excited to be racing on a Quintana Roo CD0.1 this season. It is comfortable, fast and stiff. Also it looks cool, which is important.


Kevin at Gear West Bike getting me fit. Got the CD0.1 on Monday and was winning on it by Saturday. By far the most comfortable I have ever been in the aero position. I have only wanted to hug Kevin twice: once after he fit me in 2009 and again after he fit me on my CD0.1. In 2009 he fit me on a Friday, I rode 20 minutes Saturday, and I rode faster than David Thompson for the first time on Sunday at Heart of the Lakes. This year I had a couple more days to ride before racing but the result was equally great.


The podium from Final Stretch’s Falls Duathlon. Teammates Brian Sames and Chad Millner. Last year Chad defeated me and got himself a three-peat but I was committed to preventing a four-peat this year! Brian is stepping up his multisport game in 2013. It will be interesting to see him progress as he gets more serious. Unfortunately he is an absurdly nice person so it will be tough to have a good rivalry with him in the future. Note my custom Gold Guys and Gear West Bike visor!


I came in from the first run with Chad but behind Brian and rode my CD0.1 straight to the front, and to a bike course record. I was able to lower the overall course record from 1:03 to just under 1:01. The Falls Duathlon is a really nice event and a great way to kick off the year. The runs are on different courses, which is nice, and the bike course is fast! This year we lucked out with extremely nice weather and I rode a couple hours on the Cannon Falls Trail after the race with Sean Pease. If you go to Gear West Bike, Sean is the one with the tats.


This is Sam. He came over to ride and showed up with a pair of Corndogs. I ate one about 30 minutes into my 3 hour ride and actually felt good the whole way. We will be doing a series of nutrition seminars throughout the year.


Helping my fremesis (friend + nemesis = fremesis) Steve Stenzel stay hydrated at the Falls Duathlon. If you see a fellow it strange shorts at a race please give him a helping hand and douse him with a refreshing cup of water. Steve and I will be battling for the prestigious relay title at the Gear West Duathlon this Sunday. I am racing with Ben Kampf as the Gold Gopher Guys. Steve is racing with former pro cyclist from Team Lotto Pete Webster. They are Team Itchy and Scratchy. Steve has had alot to say on social media over the past couple months. Ben and I, being generous guys, are giving Steve and Pete a massive 15 minute and 42 second head start. Steve talked me into such an enormous handicap by telling me he is completely out of shape – and has proceeded to have his best spring of racing ever. Pete is busy riding 500 miles a week. Can the Gold Gopher Guys overcome this vast time gap on these sneaky sandbaggers? We will see Sunday.


Nalle is my head of my canine fan club.

Have a great week and check the results of the epic battle at the Gear West Duathlon Sunday afternoon! Next up I will be racing the big boys at Rev3 Quassy then the Trinona and Rochesterfest Olympics here in Minnesota.

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