Technical Difficulty

I was very excited to head East for Rev3 Quassy this past weekend. The race itself turned out awful. I will be brief on that and longer on the more positive elements of the weekend. The swim was actually quite good, I got on the tail end of the main pack and stayed there. I was out of the water Paul Ambrose, Ritchie Cunningham, Joe Gambles and Maik Twelsiek. Three miles into the bike there was an s curve coming off a downhill. I botched it and went up into the ditch. To my surprise I didn’t actually crash and managed to cyclocross my way back onto the road. Unfortunately I lost the group and my confidence in my cornering. I was essentially out of the race. This course highlighted my need to dramatically improve my bike handling as that one element put me completely out of the game. I made my way through the run, that’s about all there is to say about that. On to the brighter side:

I debuted my glamorous Golden Bullet aero helmet to show off for the Gold Guys

I got to hang out with a few other Quintana Roo pros and Mac, the QR rep since QR is a sponsor of the Rev3 series. Here’s the QR tent with Kelly Williamson and Pedro Gomes – obviously I perspire quite a bit more effectively than either of them


Rev3 set me up with an amazing homestay. Jim and Julie were incredibly welcoming and took great care of me all weekend! Jim took the time to drive the course with me Saturday as he has raced it before and knew the lay of the land. They were a pretty amazing family, Jim was the only one to race at Quassy but the whole family has done triathlons and their sons are just in high school! Fit family. Jim got a shot of me posing with a photo of a dashing young pro


Mac was my photo sponsor for the weekend as he has some sort of intelligent telephone that can take pictures and also send them places. It’s kind of like fax or something I think.

In the background you can see Eric Limkemann and Andrew Starkowicz talking about my amazing helmet


Mac prides himself on catching candid moments, like me thoroughly lubing my torso


Mine is the one with the Gear West Bike sticker


Heading onto the ride


While I was moping my way through the run the first women were gradually catching up. Heather Jackson’s support crew of her coach Cliff English and manfriend Wattie were on bikes leapfrogging the women’s race so they kept scooting by me. I chose to interpret their movements as intently following my progress and told them as much. It is always nice to have some small diversion from an awful race. They were good sports when I bumped into them as I was leaving after the race.

Everyone thought my mustache looked amazing.

It was an awful performance, there is no real way around that, but there is still much to be grateful for. That part of Connecticut is absolutely stunning. It was great meeting Jim and Julie, seeing my main man at QR Mac, and chatting with my twitter buddy from Texas Brandon Marsh. I have plenty of fitness and plenty of season left.

Next up is Trinona this weekend

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2 Responses to Technical Difficulty

  1. G says:

    Enjoyed the report, Devon. Way to stick through. Have fun in my sweet college town next weekend!

  2. Chris says:

    Great report. Sorry to hear the race did not go so great.

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