URGENT ALERT: My Evil Twin on the loose at Rochesterfest Triathlon

I had planned on racing the Rochesterfest Triathlon this weekend. It is a fun event with an awesome two loop swim, a fast ride, and fun run looping around a river in Rochester. Due to a very strange series of events I will be training at home this weekend instead.

Thankfully I have full photo documentation of these bizarre happenings:

My evil twin Sam Thillen showed up at my door last night. For a clear understanding of evil twins please view minutes 4-7 of this informational video. Sam was evil from birth so he was sent away to Luxembourg where he was raised to achieve his full evil potential. He introduced himself and we were both a little skeptical of one another.Image

I thought perhaps we could be friends when we shook hands


But things quickly turned tense


Things went from bad to worse when he went wild and pulled out a hammer!


Using his evil training he put me in a sleeper hold


While I was unconscious Sam took the time to demonstrate his incredible evil strength


He proceeded to steal my entry into the Rochesterfest Triathlon, my race wheels, race uniform, my patented Gold Guys & Gear West Bike higher performance visor, and worst of all the Gold Guys Golden Bullet!


If you are Racing Rochesterfest Triathlon be on the lookout! If you spot Sam please get photo evidence and post it online as soon as possible! If you are really brave take a photo with Sam. If you see him on the course please help cool his burning evilness by throwing a cup of water on him. Please post photos or send them to me!

In older news I had a good race at Trinona a couple weeks ago. I will comment more about the event and my race there later but in the meantime here are a few race photos (some courtesy of Yndecam):



Please take pictures of my evil twin at Rochesterfest and send them to me! Sam will really be there. He will really have my race kit, race wheels, Gold Guys & Gear West Bike visor and the Golden Bullet helmet! And that facial hair is unmistakable.

Look for me back in action the rest of the summer at Muncie 70.3, Chisago Sprint, Steelhead 70.3, and Ironman Wisconsin! I promise that is a final race schedule.

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