Chisago Triathlon

It was a cool and breezy morning at the Chisago Triathlon yesterday. Odd for late July but I certainly appreciated it. The swim was unbelievably brief and I wasn’t able to get much space on the rest of the field. Tom Gerlach, a pro from Madison and a Badger, led the early miles of the ride. Once I went around at mile 6 he seemed pretty content to relax and admire my haunches the rest of the ride. Into T2 my shoe fell off causing a very brief delay as I grabbed it. This small gap was just enough separation to Tom starting the run and I failed to shut down the gap. We finished in the reverse order last year and I most certainly would have preferred to keep it that way! This results will likely over-inflate his confidence before our Gopher-Badger Ironwar. Tom truly is a Badger when it comes to racing, he bashes out solid Ironmans like nobody’s business. He has 7ths from both IM Cabo and IM CDA so far this year!

There was a ‘race within a race’ was between me and my evil twin and athlete Sam Thillen in the Gold Guys Chisago Challenge. Sam and I reckoned I’d go around 1:15ish and he’d go 1:25ish so if he finished within 10 minutes of me he would win the challenge. He came in 11:03 behind so I took the title by a 63 second margin. We held a press conference the day before the race:


We were both so passionate about winning the Gold Guys Chisago Challenge that there was a brief scuffle at the press conference:


Thankfully there can only be one winner and it is me. After the race the hostility was over and Sam got a trophy for his AG finish:


Overall Chisago is a really fun event. After finishing Dennis Dane, Kyle Serreyn and I jogged a lap of the course to hoot and holler for the rest of the sprint athletes. My mom raced and she got extra encouragement. Us short-course athletes also got to watch the half-iron people come through off the bike and into finish. It was great to see a few of my athletes in action and chat after the race. Gear West Bike teammates David Thomspon, Dan Hedgecock and Brian Sames had great races in the half. Sames appears to have gone in his age group wave so I didn’t realize how fast he went until checking the results later – 1:15 is not a bad run for your half iron debut! He should probably consider racing in the ‘elite’ wave a local races (though I did win the Liberty half in 08 from my AG wave so I guess we all get to sandbag one half). The women’s racing was really fierce this year with Diane and Kortney battling to the last mile in the half. Heather crushed the short course but Suzie and Claire were crazy close battling for 2nd. Another Gear West teammate Thad also sandbagged and got third in the sprint from his old-man wave! Our friend Bridget got a picture of us just chillin after the race:


Next weekend I’m on the road to the Steelhead 70.3 and then the final prep for the Gopher-Badger Ironwar!


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  1. So THAT’S what the pockets in the back are for….

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