News, but no race news

Friday I decided to bag the trip to Michigan for the Steelhead 70.3 and put in a long ride and run instead. The ride was a bit of an adventure. I met an Italian guy as I was riding south out of town. I’d been set on one of my normal routes down to Northfield but he and I got to chatting and he mentioned he was doing a loop down by Red Wing. I am always looking to expand my route database and he seemed fit enough so I tagged along. There were some suboptimal stretches (1 mile on HW 52!) but there were some really great roads as well. It was fun to ride with someone new and explore a new part of the state. We parted ways in Prescott as he needed a break and I was eager to hustle home. I am really, really grateful to be on my QR CD0.1 with an Adamo saddle as I was strong and comfortable in the aero position the entire way – legs, back, unmentionables, it was all good. If you can believe it Kevin O’Connor fit me without using a single laser, sonar, radar or satellite imaging!

Sunday I joined a group out of Mill City Running in Northeast Minneapolis. My buddy Ben invited me but then completely avoided me during the run. I had taken a shower the day before and everything so I was pretty offended. Overall I’m glad to have done the training instead of the race. Feeling strong through the whole ride, the run off, and the run the next day have boosted my confidence much more than the race would have.

I am excited to be volunteering August 18th at the Minneapolis YWCA Women’s Triathlon. It may seem weird but this is the first time I’ll officially volunteer at a race. The YWCA triathlon was last year’s Minnesota race of the year and is a phenomenal event. I love races that open the door for new people to join our sport.

Ali Engin got some great photos from Muncie 70.3:




A friend was complaining that my shirts do not wick sufficiently:


I’d like to remind her no one promised a cotton, polyester and gold fiber blend would be breathable.

Have a great week and enjoy your final weeks of heavy lifting if you’re racing Ironman

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