The Road to the Gopher-Badger Ironwar

As you know Ironman Wisconsin is hosting an epic battle between Madison’s professional triathletes, Blake Becker and Thomas Gerlach – the Badgers, and Minnesota’s only long course pro, me – the Gopher. The Gopher-Badger Ironwar is slated to be a showdown of unparalleled proportions. The stakes could not be higher. Actually, we have not set the stakes yet but they will be high.

I am in the thick of my preparation. Training is going quite well. I am excited to try the Ironman distance again as my first two were done off relatively little training compared to what I’ve done this year. Also I made some simple mistakes (bonking on the bike!) at both of my previous Ironmans so with better preparation and better execution the race can only go better. Believe it or not riding long and steady and doing aerobic long runs is pretty enjoyable.

Here are a few tidbits about training:

-Thea and I have been running together more often which is good because there is no dilly-dallying when she runs

-I have continued my streak of setting Personal Records at Hopkins Masters practice. In training for IM AZ 2010 I swam my fastest 200 ever (yes with pull+paddles, off push start). I finally broke that time by 2 seconds this morning during some 200s descend. Best way to start the week.

-I repeated the loop I learned from an Italian guy the previous week. It goes from Minneapolis to Hastings to Red Wing to Prescott to Minneapolis. It is a solid ride.

As the race draws nearer I will release bits and pieces of my Ironman plan:

Run Shoe: Adidas Boston 4 (with Yankz elastic laces)


Sport Drink: Perform

Cola: Oh yes

Bike Calories: Cliff Blocks, Perform, Kit Kat Bars

Sunglasses: At Muncie 70.3 we got sunglasses as a race giveaway. This pair is arguably gold so in honor of the Gold Guys I may have to race in them


Here is a final random photo from Chisago – my mom and I with our hardware!


In closing, my online-only friend Steve Brandes used the Jedi Mind Trick to convince me to do a little warmup race before Wisconsin. More details on this as they emerge.

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