Ironman Arizona: Desert Storm

I am now back to regular training after a few light weeks. The week after Louisville I felt a little better each day but was generally un-ambitious. Could probably have swum and spun a little more but wasn’t motivated to. First run was the Sunday after and it was awful. First ride the next day, Monday, and felt fine. Second run was then Tuesday and that was fine. The week in Wisconsin working with Endurance Sports Travel was not exactly conducive to serious training. After getting home last week I finally got some miles done on the bike and was pleased to feel reasonably strong. The running is coming around fine but the swimming will be another couple weeks. At my first practice back this morning my lanemate Brian kept looking at me and asking “What are you doing?” I was going slow Brian. It happens.

Arizona was my first Ironman back in 2010 and I am interested to race there again to check my progress. I am eager to avoid many of the mistakes I made the first time around, most notably bonking severely on the bike.

As you know I am in a constant state of conflict with the pros from Wisconsin. This ongoing and tragically hostile situation, generally referred to as the Gopher-Badger Ironwar, is likely to see another battle at Ironman Arizona. People are calling it Desert Storm. Tom is going to do the race because what else would he do that day. Blake seemed a bit hesitant to commit. Well, I hate to throw fuel on the fire, but here is a little throwback picture from the finish of Ironman Arizona 2010:


In the foreground you see a proud and noble Gopher valiantly finishing strong with a handsome fuel belt and pale tummy protruding just a little. But who is that rapscallion in the background getting savaged like a pack of hotdogs in the paws of an angry bear?

If this doesn’t motivate Blake to race I don’t know what will.

I did my first long ride last Saturday. It consisted of 2.5ish hours with my friend Ross, a donut break at Mel-O-Glaze, then another 2.5ish hours solo. I actually rode the second half pretty strong, those donuts really work. I don’t know if the science backs this up or not but carbohydrates seem to be an effective fuel source. Someone should do some research on this.

Ross captured me in the act of refueling aggressively:


This Saturday is the Treadman Duathlon. I was hoping to race as a relay with my fremesis Steve Stenzel but sadly he has picked up a bit of an injury so we may be out of commission. A final ruling on our relay will be made closer to game day.

Have a great week and make the most of the remaining nice weather!

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One Response to Ironman Arizona: Desert Storm

  1. Two questions. How long does it take to eat that donut and how many calories are in it?

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