Tuesday Newsday

I was uninspired Monday so this week’s post comes today on Tuesday. Sorry if the delay ruined your Monday. That said, if a delayed blog ruins your day you should definitely re-examine the way you’re living your life.

-Wilson Kipsang ran the Berlin marathon in 2:03:23. That is moving right along. I will retire from running as soon as the marathon world record pace dips below my best mile time. I still have roughly a 10 second buffer.

-The Twin Cities Marathon is this weekend. I have a few athletes running the 10 mile and one athlete and many friends running the marathon. Good luck to everyone running Sunday. Here is a cautionary tale about pacing. My friend Jorgen really wanted to break 3 hours at Twin Cities in 2007. If you remember that was a pretty hot year. He had done a few marathons and was easily a good enough runner to go under 3 hours. Mostly he would just need to keep it under 7 minute miles. Well, what did he do? He got all excited and took it out with the guys around him. His first mile was 5:15. The end result was as exactly what you’d expect: an explosion and DNF. So don’t be silly out there. On the other end of the pacing spectrum, in his marathon debut last year my friend Noah took it out in 1:18:11 and finished in 2:34:23. That is some smart pacing. Be a Noah, not a Jorgen.

-Thea and I are lucky enough to be hosting a pro runner in from California for the marathon weekend. I guess she is a really big deal out on the West Coast. We are looking forward to meeting this Jenna Boren. As a pro athlete I always appreciate a good homestay for races so it is nice to be giving back. If you see a 6.5 foot tall Nordic-looking blonde running a 2:40, give her a shout! She prefers to be called J-Bo during races. Go J-Bo!

-I had a draw in my continuing battle with my lanemates at Hopkins masters on Monday. Our main set was twice through 100, 200, 400, 800. I knew I wasn’t about to hammer the whole 3k so I decided to give 10% effort on the 100, 200, 400 and 100% effort on the 800s. The first 800 I suffered a bit and I was about six seconds off the time I was hoping to swim. I did manage to lap lanemate Brian. Take that! The second round Brian decided to try and he bridged up to me (I think he went 10 seconds back though it may have been 5). He actually passed me going into the final 100. Bummer. Even though I was definitely hurting the second half of that one I went faster than the first and snuck under 9 minutes. Brian gets points for passing me on the 2nd one but I think lapping him on the 1st one is worth at least as more if not more points. Competition is a wonderful thing! Our duels push us beyond what we could accomplish alone.


The Gold Guys, QR and I would like to wish Jon good luck for his marathon debut Sunday.


Thea and I went to a wedding. Here is a rare photo of me dressed as a normal, adult person. Also note my amazing ‘evil twin’ style goatee.

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