Trainer Time, Potential Swim Challenge

Well it appears the best of fall is now behind us here in Minnesota. There was light snow falling as I left swim practice this morning. Depressing. This is unfortunate as I have 3 weeks (counting this week) of work before race week for IM Arizona. Bike volume is more challenging to get done in the basement! I have never ridden inside longer than 4 hours but I have a feeling that will change soon. I got in a great long ride last Friday and I hope there will be a couple ok days to ride long in the coming weeks. One of my athletes is racing IM Cozumel 2 weeks after Arizona so I feel even worse for him. We all know we roll the dice racing a late season IM when living here in Minnesota and there will be some weeks training in cold weather.

Friday was odd as my body was completely useless when I attempted to swim at masters in the morning. After breakfast, some coffee, a nap and a little more coffee, I felt great riding the rest of the afternoon. Also, all my favorite Gear West Bike shorts were in the wash so I wore my special skinsuit usually reserved for time trials. It has the same chamois as my preferred shorts so I thought why not. 

This is the skinsuit, worn during my daring duel with the dastardly Steven Stenzel at the Gear West Duathlon Relay Challenge:


Also of note, here is how committed we are in lane 5 at Hopkins Masters: Friday I was so lousy I got out after about a thousand pathetic yards. Naturally as I’m walking out my lanemate Brian finally moseys his way onto the pool deck. It was a relay of sorts. Also I am very sad to report that Brian swam better than me this morning. I take great pride in decimating his self esteem as often as possible. I reluctantly admit that on this day he had a better practice.

Quintana Roo sent me a Kona 2013 shirt (via Kris Swarthout Delivery Services) and our puppy Teddy was pretty interested to check it out:



I am not sure if the Gold Guys did a Kona shirt this year or not. I will have to check.


My fremesis Steven Stenzel has been unusually unruly on the Twitter as of late. He has fired off several churlish and libelous tweets and even a few that are awkwardly lascivious.  The lil fella probably has some pent up energy as he recently injured himself to sabotage our own duathlon relay attempt. Since his legs are essentially useless and he has all that energy I am curious if he would be interested in a swim challenge. I would swim a 500 and we would agree upon a suitable shorter distance for him to swim. This would be done from a push start and we would be pulling with paddles. At least I will be. A time, date, pool, and exact terms would have to be negotiated. If someone can read this to him (I have heard that despite his frequent tweeting and blogging he is actually completely illiterate) please let me know what he says. Thanks.


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2 Responses to Trainer Time, Potential Swim Challenge

  1. TL says:

    When you decimate your lanemate in swimming are you wearing paddles?

  2. Claire says:

    Good Luck for the long rides indoors. I have done 5h once… the most boring thing EVER. I still don’t know how I mentally managed. I guess if you can do that you can do anything, whatever happens on race day 🙂

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