Cranky Knee Syndrome

I have a bit of CKS, Cranky Knee Syndrome, going on. It is not great. Only affects running. Little issues like this are particularly annoying when they are close to big races. Now I have to take a brief rest to get the knee feeling fine again then a bit more training then race week. I went through all the normal injury doubts and questions last week – will I still be able to do the race, how much will this affect my preparation, should I run today should I rest today etc. Training is tough enough without this doubts running around in your head. My friend Steve Brandes reassured me and helped me do the sensible thing and get the knee right before trying to do any more work. I like to think of myself as a relatively sensible person when it comes to training but it was still good to have a calm voice remind me of the only smart path. I have seen some athletes come to this type of decision and simply ignore the issue and plough ahead with training. My first time at Arizona in 2010 I was forced to take it very easy this week, 3 weeks out, due to a round of midterms. If nothing else I can look back to that and know it is not the end of the world.

In other news, my close acquaintance Sam Thillen just closed out his season with a massive 70.3 PR at Miami. He got the opportunity to race there at the last second and we set about preparing in a reasonable way and deciding on a reasonable goal time. He did his training and he did exactly what he should during the race and came away with exactly the time we anticipated. Sensible goals, some sensible preparation, and a sensible race day. Shocking how simple this seems yet how many people do we see go into long course events and fail to do the sensible thing? I have done less than sensible things in both half and full Ironmans with very predictable results. You see it every year watching Ironman Wisconsin. You may remember Sam from earlier this summer when he stole my entry to the Rochesterfest Triathlon or when we had a 10 minute equalizer challenge at the Chisago Sprint.

Here we are at the pre race press conference for the Gold Guys Chisago Challenge:

Chisago Challenge serious

Sam almost fired me as his personal pro and coach to replace me with Terenzo Bozzone since the two of them really hit it off down in Miami. Sam got swept off his feet just because some other pro is tan, has luscious hair and a foreign accent. After his adequately successful race he reconsidered and rehired me. Goes to show how fickle some people can be when they start getting some attention from Kiwi superstars.


On a positive training note, I set a new PR for indoor riding last week with 6 rides inside, one 4 hrs and one 4hrs 15 minutes. I rode outside on Sunday which was a sad reminder of how much more fun it is to ride outside. No use complaining since I was the one who picked a late season Ironman. Next year I hope to wrap up at Ironman Chattanooga at the end of September. Have you signed up for Ironman Canada in July and Ironman Chattanooga? You should. Also of note, these rides are only possible because of how comfortable I am in the aero position on my QR CD0.1. Being on a bike that fits well will make you a much happier Ironman.

Last Monday I was forced to report lanemate Brian had the stronger practice at Hopkins Masters. Thankfully today we set things right again – Brian came half way through practice and left roughly 800 yards later. Definitely a point for me.

My fremesis Steven Stenzel has shown interest in a swim challenge. I will swim 500 yards (pull+paddles, the only way to swim)  and we will agree upon a shorter distance for him to swim. Keep your calendars open – we will give you as much notice as possible on time and date.

Have a fine fall week

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