Ironman Arizona

It was nice to enjoy some sun watching Ironman Arizona. I spotted a few fellow Minnesotans, thankfully some made it easy by racing in Gear West Bike jerseys. It is not nearly as fun as watching Ironman Wisconsin where you can spot dozens of familiar faces on the course. 

The day before the race I met a Twitter friend, Theresa “@tgeist23”, who has been keeping up to date on my long running rivalry with Steven Stenzel. I don’t know why Steve started this whole business in the first place but I intend to finish it. She introduced herself by telling me Steve says I suck. Fair enough. She endeared herself by wearing a donut related shirt. We then sent a quick message back to steve:



Steve, you will always be the worst. The worst in the best kind of way.

Here are some random photos from the race and reflections:

-IM Arizona was my first day ever tweeting from a phone! This was pretty big. I took some pretty amazing smartphone pictures, and only a few of them had my fingers in the frame. 

-The start! This was my first IM in 2010 and it was also the most tense I’d ever been before a race start.



In the pro ranks I was mostly rooting for fellow QR rider Pedro Gomes and Badger Iron-enthusiast Tom Gerlach. 


Something put a bee in Tom’s bonnet in T1 and he was looking all cranky starting the ride. When I saw him going into the final loop of ride he was fine and tucked in just where he wanted to be in the chase group.



Pedro had a brilliant race and swam with the lead group but was the only one to hang with Rapp as he burned through the field. Rapp pulled away so Pedro brought his QR into T2 in second.



Pedro ran solid



Tom came off the bike in a great position but there were just a few too many random fast Euro dudes on the run and he was 12th at the finish


-I talked to Tom the day before the race and he was thinking the start list looked easier than past years but a few of the random European names turned out to be guys with 2:50-2:55 runs in the tank. Who are these guys?! These late season IMs draw them over  here to the US, thankfully we don’t have to deal with them in the summer as they have their own races.

-Del Corral, the fellow who ran 2:37 to win IM Florida 2 weeks ago, pulled out another race winning run and took the title here in Arizona with a 2:43. 

-The women’s race was interesting as the champ only took the lead in the final couple miles! Drama. Kessler led all day but I believe there is a saying, it is not over until it is over. Or something.

Back to Minnesota tonight. Have a great week!


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3 Responses to Ironman Arizona

  1. Jim Kelley says:

    Did you see my black Gear West visor I was racing in? Jim Kelley

  2. T says:

    it was great to meet you. it’s also fun hearing all the “traitor” remarks from steve … 😉

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