Gear West Gift Guide and the Curious Case of Steve Stenzel

Official Gear West Bike Gift Guide:

Go Big:

QR package deals get you a fast bike and an enormous amount of stuff. This is a good idea if you’re just starting your tri career and need a bundle of the basics.

Quintana Roo Tri Bike Package Deals include:

  • QR Carbon tri bike (either the Kilo, Seduza or Lucero)
  • Shimano TR-31 or TR-32 triathlon shoes
  • Speedplay X-5 pedal
  • Bontrager Race Lite bottle cage
  • Gear West H2O Bottle
  • Bontrager Trip 4 wireless cycling computer
  • Lazer O2 or Giro Savant helmet (Lazer helmet is one size fits most)
  • TYR transition bag
  • Aquasphere Men’s Pursuit SL (this is sleeveless) or Women’s Pursuit LS (women get a full sleeve) wetsuit
  • Full Bike Fitting

Or a more modest option:

The Stick I won a ‘The Stick’ as a door prize at the Gear West Duathlon in 2007 and have used it daily since. Great tool to keep the legs feeling fresh.

The Curious Case of Steve Stenzel

If you have not seen the race footage of The Gold Guys Duel in the Pool you can see it here. All you really need to know is that the finish was agonizingly close and unfortunately Steve touched the wall first.

Obviously I did an excellent job establishing a fair challenge as the swim off could have gone either way. If you’ll remember at our first challenge at the Gear West Duathlon Steve established a ridiculous handicap that gave his relay team an insurmountable margin. But Steve’s sneaky ways are not news. Losing this swim challenge was challenging emotionally. Making things worse, Steve and his posse of professional online bullies are not exactly gracious winners.

Thinking about the race afterwards I began to have some questions. I realized that while the challenge was set up justly due to my thoughtful and intelligent handicapping perhaps Steve had done something to get an edge. He did not cut the course. He did not use a motor. What else could he do? Sadly it would seem the only reasonable explanation is doping. If you look carefully the evidence is all there. And you know me, I am not one for spurious allegations. How do we know Steve use performance enhancing drugs to win the challenge? Review the facts below.

Exhibit A: Steve did not submit a urine sample for drug testing. Failure to submit a sample is usually treated as a positive.

Exhibit B: Steve’s Chest:

Steve's Rack

Steve does not even try to hide the fact that these are fake. Look at them. Clearly some sort of substance was used to enhance his performance in this department.

Exhibit C: Steve has a cutthroat, competitive personality and also a clear scruple deficiency. That is to say, he wants to win at any cost and he doesn’t care whose feelings get hurt along the way. We know Steve will do anything to win, as seen by his dubious handicapping at our first challenge. We also know Steve has loose morals. Despite being married he has repeatedly alluded to an affair with my mother. And if the affair didn’t happen, then we have evidence he is a lying liar. Furthermore, to gain an advantage in the build up to the race he hired a squad of professional bullies to hassle me online. This is a guy who will go to any length to win.

Exhibit D: Suspicious Sideburns:


Look at those chops. You know who else has those? Jonathan Vaughters, former pro cyclist and current team director for Garmin-Sharp. Vaughters is a doper and liar. You know who else has those chops? Bradley Wiggins, a massive jerk who is more than likely a doper. Science has shown that sideburns are an indicator of willingness to dope and being a pompous and unpleasant person.

Case closed. Steve used Testosterone or Estrogen or HGH or HGTV or something we haven’t even heard of yet. Since it was not an officially sanctioned race, the results will stand but I will forever refer to Steve as the winner* not as the winner.

What does all this mean? Upon further reflection, I realized it just means Steve cares. To go through all that trouble for our challenge means Steve cares alot. About me and about us. It matters alot to Steve. That isn’t such a bad thing. I’ve always said that Steve is the worst but how could someone who is the worst care so much? Could it be, and this sounds crazy, that Steve is the best? Or at least not the worst? Second or third worst? Just look at this photo of us together:

We both have handsome, well furred chests. Maybe we’re not so different after all? This is making my head spin and I need to take more time to think thoughts and feel feelings before coming to any conclusions.


Is Steve the worst? The best? Who knows!

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that Teddy is super cute. He has several loose baby teeth that are going to fall out very soon!



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3 Responses to Gear West Gift Guide and the Curious Case of Steve Stenzel

  1. Sean says:

    insanely funny, and all true!

  2. Chris says:

    I find your case against Steve compelling, but I am confused by your conclusions. He is a bad guy right? You did read his blog post about you?

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