2013 Reflections

Here are some of the great things that happened in 2013:

New Sponsors! 
The Gold Guys – It has been a blast finding new ways to represent The Gold Guys.

The best in the business

The best in the business

Quintana Roo – I have been fast and comfortable all season on my QR CD0.1


First Duathlon Win – I won the Falls Duathlon, put on by Final Stretch, this spring. Last year it was 36 with light rain. This year sunny and warm! We’ll see what next April brings. If Brian Sames comes down again I’m going to beat him again, no matter how nice a guy he is. Just letting you know now, Brian.


New PRs at Masters Practice – using the magic of pull and paddles I set new Personal Records for distances 200-1500 at Genesis Aquatics

200 – 1:59

500- 5:12 (also at the same practice my second best ever, 5:16)

1000- 10:58

1500- 16:47

Highest finish at an Ironman: 7th at Lousiville. I’d been 16th male pro at both my previous Ironmans. 7th feels much better than 16th.

IM pose

Going independent with my Tri Coaching: I started working independently in March. Life has been so much better since. I am happier. It is easier to help current atheltes and connect with new ones. The other positive is that I am not giving half my money away! I have a great group of athletes going into 2014.

My 2013 Ironman Wisconsin athletes

My 2013 Ironman Wisconsin athletes

Teddy: Thea and I got Teddy (full name Theodore Tibbens Fleming Palmer Pupsavelt) just before the Twin Cities Marathon. He is real cute. Does this make up for the amount of poop and pee I’ve cleaned off the floors in these three months? Hard to say. He is a nice little guy, even if he’s a bit incontinent. Plus he is a great spokesmodel:


Teddy is a big fan of eggnog and is always trying to get Thea to share.


2013 CHALLENGES: Presented by The Gold Guys

I had a bit of fun this year with a variety of challenges. I am already thinking of new challenges for 2014. You may see a repeat or two from this year but there will be lots of new ways to take me on in arbitrary and capricious contests. If you have a challenge you’d like to put to me, leave it as a comment or send me a note or tweet. Here are the highlights from this season:

Arm Wrestlemania: I was taking all comers in arm wrestling at the Falls Duathlon packet pickup. My monstrous biceps must be mighty intimidating because not many were willing to throw down.

Arm wrestle Armwrestling

Gear West Duathlon Relay Showdown: The epic battle between good and evil. I raced with my friend Jon Ryss as The Gold Gopher Guys against Steve Stenzel and Pete Webster, Team Itchy & Scratchy. It was quite an event complete with a crowning ceremony for the champions.

969979_10102153194467907_870865077_n 481721_10102153067796757_40742999_n 316196_10102153199897027_829614355_n 969527_10102153199956907_1220712442_nChisago Challenge: My evil-twin Sam Thillen and I raced at the Chisago Sprint. He, being more of a participant than athlete, got a 10 minute handicap. Full disclosure, I would have won no matter what because I coach Sam so any victory by him is a victory for me. Sam is also one of my best acquaintances.

Chisago Challenge serious Chisago Challenge Scuffle Chisagow:Sam Secret Twins

The Gopher-Badger Ironwar: I, a proud Gopher, was eager to demolish the Badger pros Tommy Gerlach and Blakey Becker on their turf at Ironman Wisconsin. Unfortunately this is an unfinished challenge because I raced Ironman Lousiville instead of Ironman Wisconsin. I look forward to wrecking the badger pros at as many races as possible in 2014. The Gopher-Badger Ironwar will rage on until all Wisconsinites retire from professional racing.

The Duel in the Pool: Another chapter in my ongoing conflict with Steven Stenzel. I swam 125 to Steve’s 100. It was as dramatic as a sporting event can get. Following this, Steve and I signed a Christmas Truce to take a break from hating one another.Steveshrug 999912_10151837937130878_125225934_nThat’s it for 2013. Happy New Year!

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