First Race, Best Friends and The Gold Guys Netflix Streaming Movie Reviews

First Race!

I finally registered for a race. I’m excited for a true Minnesota spring classic, the Gear West Duathlon. Because Steve Stenzel and I are currently best friends, according to our Christmas Truce, I will race the Gear West Duathlon as an individual and leave him to defend his lustrous relay crown. That said, if for any reason Steve needed me to step in as his relay-mate I’d do it in a heartbeat. Because we’re best friends and we are always there to help one another. Conversely, if our best friendship is annulled because Steve violates the no ‘your mom’ jokes clause, I’d destroy him like a incontinent pigeon destroys the clean exterior of a freshly washed car. But as I said, we are totally best friends for now and nothing will ever come between us except for any violation of our truce. Love you buddy! And a big congrats to Steve, he just raced as part of a relay in the Israman in Israel! Great job pal. If you’ve never had a best friend I really recommend it. 

I will post a complete race schedule as I finish up registering for events.

The Gold Guys Present: Netflix Streaming Movie Reviews

Hopefully this guide can help you avoid some stinkers on Netflix streaming and maybe help you find a few gems. 

Ip Man The Final Fight: The Ip Man franchise must be super popular in China because they keep making new sequels and prequels. The movies are all about the kung fu master who taught Bruce Lee. The first one was pretty good but the last two I’ve seen have been terrible. The talking to kung fu fighting ratio is WAY off. No one wants to hear a bunch of talking in a kung fu movie. Well, read a bunch of talking since they are not in english. D

The Horseman: Revenge movies make some of the best trainer viewing. The Horseman is probably the best revenge movie I’ve ever seen. Revenge is a dish served a variety of ways in this movie, and all of them are extremely violent. This is a violent movie. No joke. This guy maims and murders in alot of very uncomfortable ways. Just want to be clear on that. Made in Australia. A+

Haywire: A secret agent lady gets set up and has to sort out a tricky situation. Spoiler alert: she beats up Channing Tatum. Favorable action to talking ratio. The main character delivers believable beat downs. The bad guys get whats coming to them. A

Olympus Has Fallen: Bad guys take over the White House and Gerard Butler has to save the day. Ok. Some good action but the movie is far longer than it needs to be. Some elements of the plot are extra stupid. I do like it when Gerard Butler handles his business with the bad guys – though I have lost respect for him since 300 because of all the romantic comedies he’s been in. B-

Lockout: A sci fi movie where prisoners take over their space station prison and the good guy, Guy Pearce, has to save the president’s daughter who was of course on board. Or something. Some fine action and overall pretty good but not remarkable. B

Please check back later this week for a special all Jason Statham edition of The Gold Guys Netflix Streaming Movie Reviews!


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