News or not news? Also, other news including puppy pictures

What is newsworthy?

Last week Slowtwitch ran a controversial article. Long story short, it turns out a friendly and well liked Portuguese Ironman pro is a shady fellow who ripped off his age group triathlete friends and also a fellow Portuguese pro. Ripped off as in stole a credit card number and used it to the tune of ten grand. The author, Herbert, did as much research as possible and made the details of the case as clear as possible. After reviewing the situation as presented no one really contested the veracity of the story – this pro was clearly guilty of some funny business. Instead the controversy was whether this article was worthy of front page status on one of our sport’s news sources.

The argument against the article was essentially that it was a private matter between individuals and publishing it as such made Slowtwitch the triathlon version of TMZ.

Slowtwitch defended the article because the incidence of theft occurred at a major international triathlon and all parties involved were triathletes and the culprit was a professional and that we as fellow athletes, potential sponsors or potential homestays should know this individual is a bit unscrupulous.

I am glad Slowtwitch published the article. Did it feel a little sensational and TMZ-eque? Oh yes. Yes it definitely did. But drama is interesting. As interesting content to drive website numbers the article was probably a good success. I was certainly entertained. I’m also glad they published it because I know the guy. I thought he was a cool dude not a petty crook. We’ve met and we’ve even tweeted to one another! It is good to know his true character.

The revelation was a complete surprise for most of us. I am interested to see how his career progresses and if he is able to gloss over this misconduct or if it is the beginning of the end. What will be the reaction from his sponsors, his friends and training partners, his coach, and race organizations? Will people and companies be willing to partner with him? We’ve seen pros come back from doping bans and retain sponsors. Maybe this news won’t reach very many people and he’ll be fine to continue his career. Time will tell. If you look at any given population there will probably be a few crooks mixed in so it isn’t completely shocking a pro triathlete also happens to be a bit of a thief. I was shocked that it happened to be an acquaintance of mine!

Anyways, depending on who you ask it may or may not be an interesting story. I found it far more interesting than any of the articles in Triathlete magazine.

Favorite Shoes

I first ran in my Adidas Boosts two Saturdays ago. Now I am thoroughly smitten. They work great for me. I was in the Adidas Boston, which was also quite good, but the Boosts are better. Try a pair on next time you’re shoe shopping. Side note, my run training is going quite well. Feeling good again.


Boots look extra classy in front of a tasteful sponsor backdrop.

Teddy’s Six Month Birthday

Our little guy turned six months old. He’s forty five pounds!


Study buddies



 Viewing Recommendation: Schooled: The Price of College Sports
As we get ready for triathlon to join the NCAA take a look at this documentary about the NCAA. I’m going to write a little about the NCAA next week. And yes of course you can stream Schooled on Netflix.
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