More Ironman Information

After Ironman Canada I’m going south to race Ironman Chattanooga. Why Chattanooga? The late September date is nice, not too late in the year and a few weeks later than Ironman Wisconsin. Quintana Roo is based there so I can stop by and say hi to those guys.


The course looks good for me since it is moderately hilly but not overly technical. Most importantly my professional Ironman Intern, Steven Brandes, is willing to road trip down there with me. He provides high level intern services on Ironman race weekends. He helps carry my stuff. Shares driving duties. Drops me off on race morning. It’s the total package. As a bonus he is also a big fan of the Gophers and the Gold Guys just like me. If you want to hire him just drop me a line and I’ll give you all his personal info.


As a final bonus, my online-only friend and the pride of Rochester Ruth Brennan Morrey is also racing there! Going to be a big day for Minnesota pros. Ruth is really excited because this is a down-river swim course and she’s hoping the current will keep her on my heels the whole way. That seems about as likely as me running a faster marathon than her.

In other news I’m headed down to Fredericksburg Texas for a week to do some biking. I selected my best acquaintance Sam as a riding partner for the trip. He participates in triathlons so he should hopefully be able to keep up. Here is a casual shot of the two of us just before the Chisago Sprint last summer:


Have a great week. Spring is almost here, I’m sure of it.

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2 Responses to More Ironman Information

  1. Hmmm. I may see you down there since I’ll be living in NC and am contemplating IMChatt (or is it IMNooga) for 2015.

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