Texas Trip

I’m riding in Texas this week. Staying just outside Austin in Fredericksburg. Lots of great routes out of here. The town is quite nice. Very German. 

Sam and I drove down on Saturday. My parents and a couple of their friends are also here to ride. They flew and we brought the bikes. We left at three in the morning and got here around nine thirty. The only time we got bad weather was a snowstorm in Oklahoma. Our ride the day after the drive was not good. Combining the sluggishness coming off the 16 hour drive with the lousy feeling of the first outdoor ride made the first ten miles really depressing. Thankfully today felt fine, if not pretty good! The mornings have started fairly cool, just under fifty, but warm up to a pretty pleasant riding temperature. Normally I’d be shivering and full of complaints riding in fifty degree weather but coming off winter it feels really warm.

We’ve already chatted with a few other Minnesotans down here to get a head start on their spring riding. I think I talked a guy into racing the Chisago sprint!

What is it like driving across the country in a car with Sam, you are probably wondering. Let me tell you the most pertinent fact: Sam is a industrial grade fart factory. That guy really has remarkable output. Sam’s flatulence during the trip earned him KOM for that segment on Strava, so hats off to him for that. I’ve been on road trips with many people and I can assure you none of them perform at the same level as Sam. He is truly an elite athlete at the top of his game. Speaking of Strava, since I finally got a smarts phone I joined Strava. I am killing it so far, in that I remembered to use if for both rides. Winning.

If you don’t know who I’m talking about, here is a picture of Sam and I:


And here is a picture of Sam casually eating a snack:


Anyways, that’s who I’m riding with all week.


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