Danger Zone + The new QR PR6 + Twitter Campaign

Zone of Danger

It was incredibly pleasant yesterday and I rode four wonderful hours outdoors. I’m basically out of viable Netflix streaming movies to watch so the basement riding is becoming a struggle. If you found any hidden gems recently please let me know via comment or tweet. As for riding outside these days, we are in the danger zone. The roads have sand and salt and debris all over. The potholes are huge and hungry. The drivers aren’t looking for us yet. The bike trails have some ice patches left in random spots and are usually much more wet than the roads. The paths are also super popular these days since everyone is out taking advantage of the weather. Walkers, runners, dogs, all sorts of people going very different speeds with different ideas of where to be on the path. Also there are huge flooded spots. All this adds up to danger! Be careful out there. Pick smart routes. If you are in the cities ride straight out of town and avoid the paths on weekends. It was terrifying riding on the Greenway and Cedar Lake trail yesterday. Avoid this zone of danger and head for quieter roads.

New Quintana Roo Superbike: The PR6

There was lots of good news from QR this week. First, they are the bike course sponsor for Ironman Lake Placid and Ironman Chattanooga starting in 2015. I’m racing Chattanooga this year and have had my eye on Lake Placid for a while. This will be just another reason to race there in 2015, I also have a twitter friend pressuring me to race so this will be good.

The other news is that QR launched the PR6 at the California 70.3. It looks great. If you can stay awake through dan empfield’s heavy prose check out what he says about the PR6 here. Have another cup of coffee and try reading the article. QR has always been at the front of the field for tri specific bikes and the PR6 is built with stack and reach in mind so it will be easier for Gear West Bike to put you on just the right size and fit you perfectly. Yes that was a bit of a double sponsor plug. No apologies. The bike does look really good, it is built to fit triathletes right, and it is stiff and aero and light. All good things.

I’m going to be particularly nice to Mac, my main man at QR, and maybe he’ll send me one! If you are on twitter and want to do me a solid PLEASE tweet this special message:

@MacMcE @quintanarootri  Please put @dpalmertri on a PRsix ASAP #PRSIX4DP

We all know in this day and age you can get whatever you want if you have enough people tweet it and I think this is truly a campaign we can all get behind. #PRSIX4DP

Just look at this thing!



Have a great week and ride safe. Remember #PRSIX4DP

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