Make Your Voice Heard

Twitter Campaign

Quintana Roo launched their new and astounding superbike the PR6 last week. Almost immediately the #PRSIX4DP twitter campaign spontaneously erupted. The people were crying out for QR to send me a PR6 post haste. The people really made their voice heard on this issue. Literally tens of triathletes made the campaign an instant success. The great news is there is still time for you to join the movement. Get on Twitter and let QR know how much you want me to ride a PR6 by sending this tweet, you can even include the photo if you know how:

@MacMcE @quintanarootri  Pretty please put @dpalmertri on a PRsix ASAP #PRSIX4DP #itspersonal


Feel free to put your own personal touches on it. For all of us who race for QR, triathlon is personal and your participation in this movement should be personal as well. Why? Why is this such an important cause? LOOK AT THAT BIKE! What could be more important? I believe everyone deserves a bike as great as the PR6. But hey, that’s just my opinion. 

Season Opener

We’re only weeks away from the season! I’m kicking off at the Falls Duathlon. If you’re looking for a fun and low key local race to get your season started, look no further. After that it is all about the Gear West Duathlon. My best friend Steve Stenzel and I had a pretty intense competition in the relay event last year but this year I’m racing solo. Wishing Steve the best of luck! If you don’t know Steve you should get to know him. If you see a brightly-colored speedo-clad hobbit at a race, that’s Steve. Go up and say hi. Tell him how cool he looks. Tell him he must be the most athletic hobbit in the Shire. Tell him I sent you. Gosh we’re great friends.

My training has been very different this year and I’m eager to see what the results are. I’d say it’s better but training can’t be really judged until you race so we’ll have to wait and see.

The Weather

What would a blog post be without some discussion of the weather. The snow last week made me sad. But then by Sunday I rode four hours on mostly dry roads in shorts. Oh Minnesota. Such a dynamic place in the spring. Get yourself off the trainer and outside to ride! 

Brandon Marsh

Brandon Marsh is a pro from Texas. I’d like to think we are friends, specifically online-only friends. He is offensively sensible when he writes things about our sport. Cool stuff. As a bonus his awesome wife Amy has won a bunch of Ironmans and is a Gopher Alumni! So he obviously has good taste. Brandon is essentially wrapping up his pro career (this year or soon I believe) and is looking for a professional win. He had a huge breakout last year with 2nd at the North American Ironman Championships in Mt Tremblant. But as we all know 2nd is not 1st and it never will be unless later on 1st gets disqualified for using drugs or something. Anyways, this year Brandon stated he is really in the hunt to get a win. And I salute him for that. At Texas 70.3 yesterday he put himself in position to win. Great swim, at the front on the bike, ran well. He actually took the lead mid way through the run and was definitely in it to win it but he was gunned down in the last mile by 70.3 master Richie Cunningham. Richie has been on fire the last few years, he also has been on a quest to win rather than just placing. Richie spent a decade or more getting 2nd in 70.3s behind Craig Alexander and in the final years of his career he is determined to take wins. It is great to see these guys adopt a winning attitude. It shows in races whether you’re racing to win or to place. Plenty of people have the tools to win but it takes another level of confidence and focus to go out and make it happen. Keep an eye out for Mr Marsh this season. He’s on a mission.

Have a great week! #PRSIX4DP

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One Response to Make Your Voice Heard

  1. Thanks man. Nice work, new bike too right!? It was a tough go on Sunday.

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