The Gold Guys Present: Teddy’s Training Tips

The Gold Guys asked me to do a series of articles sharing some of Teddy’s insider info about tri training. Without further ado here is the first installment on the important topic of recovery.

Teddy is great at recovering. He sleeps all night. He sleeps the majority of the day. He really emphasizes frequency with his naps. Morning, noon, night. Your lifestyle may not allow you to recover as much as Teddy but you can still learn from his approach.

When Teddy is recovering he is resting physically and mentally. He isn’t online reading garbage training articles, he isn’t stressing out about what to do tomorrow, he definitely isn’t doing hard labor around the house. He’s relaxing. If you are always bouncing around getting something done or constantly stressed out you’re not recovering the Teddy way. Time is tight for everyone but try to budget some time to legitimately let yourself relax and rest. See if you feel better.

Now the important part. Here are some images of Teddy’s preferred resting positions in various locations. Teddy recommends you try them all out and see what works best for you:


Teddy nap 3

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageHave a great weekend!


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