Bike Fit Checkup & Boston Marathon

Bike Fit Checkup

I got my CD0.1 this week last spring and Friday went in for a one year checkup. Kevin at Gear West Bike fitted me last time and I rode fast and comfortable all season. I wanted him to take another look not because there was a problem but just to see if there was any room for improvement. Being fit well on your bike is a very easy way to ride faster and enjoy riding more. We made three changes. We dropped my bars one spacer in the front and used a slightly longer stem. With just the drop I was scrunched up but the longer stem got me back in a natural position. Finally we rotated my aero extensions inwards a bit which helped my wrists and shoulders feel more relaxed. I’ll take a while to feel out the changes and make sure they’re agreeable in the long term. Here are a few photos of the final position: (please note I definitely did wear my Gear West Time Trial Skinsuit for the fit and also I currently have a beard)


While I was at the shop I grabbed a bag of water bottles and swim caps. FOR YOU! There will be sponsorship opportunities for you all season long. Yeah I said it, I am going to personally sponsor you a water bottle and or a swim cap. Will there be hoops you have to jump through to attain this sponsorship? Yes of course. Yes you are going to have to do whatever arbitrary and capricious challenge I put to you to earn this level of sponsorship.


What will you have to do to get sponsored? You’ll find out soon enough.

I should also note, it may or may not have been necessary to get a fit checkup on my CD0.1 since I’m positive Quintana Roo is putting a PR6 in the mail for me any day. My man on the inside, Mac, even addressed the #PRSIX4DP campaign at a recent even in Chicago:


Mac in action, clearly very excited about #PRSIX4DP

You can send Mac a quick reminder about #PRSIX4DP via twitter @MacMcE, and you can reach QR at @quintanarootri.

Boston Marathon

Thankfully the folks at the Boston Marathon are smart enough to stream their elite races online for free, no strings attached. I had the luxury of sitting around watching and of course tweeting. I actually had to stop checking twitter the last 10 minutes of the men’s race because it was going to be close and the video feed was about 10 minutes behind and on twitter I was seeing spoiler tweets. I really didn’t want to learn the outcome of that magnificent race via tweet! Big endurance races like this are fun to live tweet because there are lots of other nerds also watching and tweeting.

As for the race, I was so impressed with Meb Keflezighi and not that impressed with Shalane Flanagan.

Somewhere in the middle of the race Meb and some other guy Boit got a bit of a breakaway going. Nothing too big at first but no one came after them so they rolled with it and got a decent gap. Meb just went with the circumstances and made the most of it. He came into the final miles starting to look tired and with a rapidly shrinking lead. The way I race tris, I want to take a lead on the bike with the intent of holding everyone off on the run. So I know what it feels like to be hunted in the closing stages of the race. With the breakaway and the poor timing of the chasers I say Meb was both smart and lucky. But the way he handled the finale of the race, he is an absolute champion. He kept himself together knowing he was so close to the end but also that the first chaser was as close as 8 seconds behind. He managed his energy and kept the chaser from every fully bridging up. Into the final stretch he had enough in reserve and enough momentum to take the win. Composure under pressure, confidence, brilliant management of his energy. I was just getting into running back in 2004 when Meb won Silver in Athens. A few years after I figured he was pretty much done but then he came back to win New York in 2009. Wow. Ok then he’s probably pretty much done. Nope, 2012 he wins the trials and grabs FOURTH at the Olympics! Insane. Now he’s claimed a Boston Title. What a career. Whoever runs the sponsorships at Sketchers is a genius.

Shalane Flanagan ran hard all day. She was essentially just a pacemaker. She pulled a group of six or so African ladies through very fast splits. Then the actual race started and she was shelled immediately. If you take the lead and are running fast enough to drop people, go ahead. Running fast but pulling everyone along is not great strategy. Obviously the field was deep since Shalane ran 2:22 and got sixth and Des Linden ran 2:23 and squeaked into tenth. Maybe Shalane runs better at the front, or prefers a solid pace rather than surging and slowing. If she was really confident I would have thought she’d conserve more so she could be more aggressive in the later stages. Obviously she ran a incredible time and it was a magnificent effort and I’m no elite running expert. That said I think she should have done things differently and I welcome her to contact me for advice in the future.

See you Friday at packet pickup for the Falls Duathlon!

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