The Gold Guys Present: Teddy’s Training Tips: Fun

Have Fun

This week Teddy and The Gold Guys want to remind you to enjoy your hobby. Teddy works hard and he plays hard. Keep in mind Teddy’s day job is napping (see his first article about recovery). But when work, and again by work I do mean sleep, is done Teddy is ready for fun. Teddy has a ton of hobbies. He loves walks. He likes playing with toys, socks, gloves, sticks, empty bottles, bones. He loves running power laps around the back yard. He loves playing with his friends Nalle and Sigh and Cora. He gets a kick out of exploring. He likes digging, though this is a hobby we discourage. He even dances from time to time.

Teddy wants you to adopt his fun focused attitude with your hobby, triathlon. Enjoy your training and racing. Have fun being fit and active. To be honest I’m glad Teddy has shared this insight with me. In 2013 my training was stale and monotonous and my racing was abysmal. Even early in the season I was not having any fun and it only got worse over the summer. With a few changes I’ve turned that around for 2014 and I’m excited to race this year not anxious. I am back to enjoying what I do, just like Teddy.


Teddy loves gloves


Mud can be a fun option


Just playing around


So many sticks


Enjoying a turtle toy


Toy successfully destroyed


Nosing around Nokomis


Sometimes you don’t even need toys

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