Four Fun Facts to Know


Teddy injured his paw two weekends ago. This kept him from writing his training tips last Friday. He liked to eat his bandages and it was not pretty when they came back out. To solve the problem we got him a cone of shame. He looks very sad in it but also it is very hilarious. He will be fine to resume his Training Tips this Friday.



Saturday I learned about brewing coffee better at Peace Coffee’s “Mastering Coffee at Home” class at their Wonderland Park Coffee Shop. It was an interesting two hours and I learned I was doing pretty much everything wrong from bean storage to grinding to brewing. Oops. I could feel the instructor Jack’s heart sink at the end when I asked if it was bad to microwave a cup of coffee. We got to taste several different brews of the same coffee that were done incorrectly in slightly different ways. Amazing the differences small changes in preparation can make. I guess that is similar to triathlon training. I’m definitely determined to raise my coffee brewing game.


Jack, our brew professor at Peace Coffee


It is the week of the Gear West Duathlon! This was my season opener from 2007 to 2011 and as such I always suffered so badly there. Thankfully I’ve already got two races under my belt for the season so it shouldn’t be as bad. This is always a fun event and I’m hoping to race pretty well. You can get sponsored this weekend in two ways. Come up and give me an interesting high five of any sort (creativity is welcomed) OR take a selfie with me somehow in the picture. What do you get for this sponsorship? Gear West water bottle and or swim cap. Very lucrative. Highly sought after. Earn it.


Steve & Pete from last year’s relay challenge! Team Itchy & Scratchy.


My training is going well. I wasn’t sure until I raced and after racing I can say with confidence it is going well. I am doing great workouts in each sport. I’m excited for the season. Never sure how much people are actually interested in the training itself.

Have a great week and see you Sunday at the Gear West Duathlon! Remember high fives and selfies.

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