The Gold Guys Present: Teddy’s Training Tips: Injury

A couple weekends ago Teddy was playing in his best friend’s yard. His friend happened to have a kiddie pool. Teddy was very interested in the pool.


Sometime that afternoon Teddy cut his little paw on something sharp. He did chew the pool and it’s possible he cut his paw on a jagged edge he created. Only Teddy knows what really happened.

Recovering from this paw injury was not fun for Teddy. The treatment was really painful (even though the treatment was just us cleaning the wound frequently). It limited his activities, less walking and no running and less playing. He was limping around for almost a week. There were extra complications because he kept eating his bandages. The first time he ate his bandage he threw it up in the living room. The second time he pooped it half way out then needed a hand getting it the rest of the way out. Unpleasant all around. We had to put him in a ‘cone of shame’ to keep him from doing this.


Through all of these Teddy did his best to keep his composure. When faced with a possibly season ending paw injury he did not panic. He sought the appropriate treatment. He didn’t take his frustration out on the people around him. He certainly didn’t like every part of the recovery process but he made it through. Even though the injury temporarily limited his activities he is back to full strength now, just a couple weeks later. Had he ignored the problem he would have made it much worse and it would have lasted MUCH longer. He did what he had to do to limit the damage. That was a struggle in the short term but it was best in the long term.

How many athletes have the maturity to address injuries appropriately and immediately? How many athletes drag out or worsen injuries by trying to plough through without rest or treatment? How many athletes are just THE WORST to be around when they have an injury? As always, there is plenty to learn from this little puppy. Teddy was very proud to recover from his injury and go on to graduate level three at puppy school this Monday. If you are absolutely dying to meet Teddy and even get a picture with him he is making an appearance at the Gear West Duathlon on Sunday. Don’t miss this opportunity!




Teddy is happy to be back to work full time.

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