The Gold Guys Present: Teddy’s Training Tips: Friends

Teddy is a social guy. He loves making new friends. He hates to see triathletes hiding away doing this:


Get your head out of that bucket. There are so many great chances to make friends in this sport! Friends are super fun. Teddy gets so excited to see his friends he pees a little. I was lucky this spring to see the same three guys at all the races I did. Even though Brian, Joe and Bennett were trying to blast me on the race course we bonded during cooldown runs and over post-race snacks. You can make race friends and training friends and friends through a tri club and even online-only tri friends. Get on twitter and follow some other triathletes, mostly pros so you can bolster our sad number of followers. Teddy sees opportunities to make new pals everywhere he goes. A few new buddies could go a long way towards helping your enjoyment and motivation in this sport.

Teddy made a new friend just this week. Chester, who is ten weeks old, just moved in around the block and he looks the same as Teddy did at that age!

Teddy would love for you to have a nice Memorial Day Weekend and to stop reading blogs for a few days to enjoy some sun. Now, without further ado please review these pictures of two playful pals, a ten month old and a ten week old:




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