The Gold Guys Present: Teddy’s Training Tips: Play Date!

Teddy and his new friend Chester had a play date in the yard. Teddy is ten months and Chester ten weeks. Since we are getting into the race season you shouldn’t stress right now about training tips from blogs. Just use these pictures of Teddy and Chester paling around to relax before your next race. 


Coffee News

Unrelated to Teddy, I’ve been trying new kinds of fabulous Peace Coffee the last few weeks. I had been getting Peace Coffee on my own for a couple years but thanks to their Mastering Coffee at Home class I’m enjoying it even more. I tried cold press with their Yeti Blend. So good. I’ve also given up using our Mr Coffee in favor of pour over. It is amazing the difference in flavor with better preparation. You want to know what’s in it for you. SPONSORSHIP of course! You know you can get a Gear West Bike swim cap or water bottle sponsorship from me at races. Starting at Trinona in a couple weeks you can get a coffee sponsorship! Yes, you are just a couple weeks away from getting your own Peace Coffee. I will make you jump through hoops for this sponsorship deal so check back next week for specifics. I’m off to Iowa this weekend for a sprint.


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