The Gold Guys Present: Teddy’s Training Tips: Be Careful What You Read!

Teddy supports literacy. He definitely enjoys reading from time to time. Because Teddy is an impressionable ten month old puppy we are careful with what he reads. He’s training to be a good dog and we don’t want him getting confused reading books and articles that have no credibility. There is so much information on training dogs out there. Some of it is great. Some of it is silly and useless. Not just books and articles, now there is tons of material online as well. Lots of people write things about this topic to try and make a buck. Lots of people share their thoughts on this topic for free online for no reason at all. We think it is important for Teddy to dial in to a few trustworthy sources of information and avoid all the nonsense. Too much contradictory information will only confuse him and impede his progress. Who would even trust any training information they get for free off some blog?

As a triathlete, especially now that we are in season, it is time to stop reading nonsense articles and listening to random people’s unsolicited advice. Focus in on what you’ve been doing all year and follow through. Don’t get distracted because some yahoo posted about their awesome ride on facebook. Don’t lose faith in what you’re doing because someone claims to be doing more on their blog. Don’t change your training because some “expert” wrote an article about cutting your volume by 80% and doing 150% more intensity. Like Teddy, you need to limit your access to this malarky. 

ImageImageImageImageImageSometimes it is ok to just watch TV with a friend.


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