Injury, Friendship, Relays

I was cranky last week. I hit my heel on the ground dismounting during a race two Sunday’s ago. Race super slow and pick up an injury? Come on. I hobbled around all week getting more irritated and hoping the issue would disappear with rest. Nope. This past weekend it was clear things hadn’t improved and I needed to see someone. My pal Ross had some leg issues earlier this year and saw a variety of people about it. He found someone in St Paul who used massage to clear up his issues and who gave him clear answers. I was interested at the time to hear how quickly he felt better after treatment with her. I was able to get an appointment and am very pleased to be walking normally afterwards. She cleared up the irritation surrounding my bruised heel. The heel is still sensitive but it isn’t cranky anymore! I’m going to try running in a couple days. If you’re dealing with an irritating or agitating soft tissue injury I can put you in touch. I’m just very relieved this issue won’t derail my prep for Ironman Canada. Moral of story: don’t let injuries linger. Go take care of them.

In other news, The Gold Guys asked me to look into the possibility of doing a relay with my old Fremesis and current Best Friend For Now, Steve Stenzel. The Gold Guys felt it would send a good message for Steve and I, current friends and former enemies, to race together as teammates. We have had our issues in the past but by definition the past is the past. The present is now. And for now, we’re best friends. So when you think about it that way it all ties together. Full circle. Closure. Steve and I believe in sportsmanship, camaraderie, respect, and teamwork. What could be more perfect for a relay? Steve is bravely overcoming an injury related to that one time he bravely dropped a couch on his foot. So he’s swimming. Plus he won our swim challenge last winter so he’s a champion swimmer. I need a bike workout so I’m biking. Plus based on thigh diameter I’m biking. Plus Quintana Roo thinks I need more practice riding my bike. What’s left? You and those two fast feet of yours! We will be recruiting a runner. We’ll need someone who also believes in sportsmanship, camaraderie, respect, and teamwork. What race is worthy of hosting The Gold Guys Best Friends Relay? One of Minnesota’s classics, The Lake Waconia Tri! I have to check with Mark Bongers at Final Stretch if we will race in the relay division or if there is already a best friends relay division.ImageImage

Steve and I are ready to roll! (Photo of Steve is by Nick Morales of

If you have a few friends of your own you should join us out in Waconia. Furthermore if you have a few enemies of your own, maybe it’s time to bury the hatchet and race a relay together in Waconia. Maybe Heather Lendway and Ruth Brennan-Morrey will put aside their burgeoning rivalry to challenge Steve and I in a relay battle. I shudder to think what kind of trash might be talked if such a challenge were to take place. Unrelated, Ruth just won her first pro race at the Kansas 70.3 and Heather just set the course record while winning Trinona. But Steve and I refuse to be intimidated by this hypothetical, high-stakes showdown. In fact, I don’t even know why those two are trying to pick a fight with Steve and I!


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