The Gold Guys Present: Teddy’s Training Tips: Little Victories

Training is tough. Teddy trains hard every day as he journeys from being a puppy to a good dog. There are challenges, struggles and hardships. That’s why Teddy takes a moment to appreciate every little victory. Whenever he meets a goal or overcomes a hardship he savors the satisfaction. He thinks you should too! Have a smile and pat yourself on the back when you have a great workout or when you have success at a race like having great transitions or your best swim.

Recently Teddy overcame the obstacle of constipation. Day after day. Then, one sunny afternoon, he broke through this challenge twice on one walk! This little victory was a good stepping stone as he continues his journey to being a good dog. He was so happy, relaxed and satisfied afterwards. Just look at him!


Caffeine Update

Thanks to my designated coffee distributors Ross, Heather and Steve who helped get Peace Coffee out to the people at Liberty  Tri & Trinona last weekend. More Peace Coffee sponsorship coming your way soon.


 #PRSIX4DP Update

QR won’t tell me exactly when my PRSIX superbike will be arriving. The first PRSIX is in Minnesota. Kevin at Gear West Bike just built it up. No rush, QR, send mine anytime you get a chance. Readers feel free to tweet reminders to Mac (@MacMcE) and QR (@quintanarootri) about the #PRSIX4DP campaign.


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