Runner Wanted

Steve Stenzel and I want you to join our relay team for the Waconia Triathlon June 29th. Steve will swim, I will ride my QR (either my CD0.1 or the PRSIX QR may be sending me soon) and you will run. The Gold Guys asked us to race this event together with you to show the power of friendship over conflict. Steve and I have had our troubles but currently we are Best Friends Forever For Now.

If you want to be a part of this friendship submit your application via twitter. In great musical groups, like One Direction or the Spice Girls, every member has their certain role to play – in our Best Friends Relay Steve is “the cute one”, I am “the sporty one” but what do you bring to the table? Send us a tweet identifying what your special quality will be. Use the following format:

@ @ I want 2 race on @ Best Friends Relay. Pick me 2 b “the _________ one” #friendship

Go to town. We are looking for someone who will really bring something special to the crew. All applications using the above format will be considered. Because Steve and I both believe in second chances you can apply a second time if you think of something better after you’ve already applied. We’re looking forward to being best friends with you very soon!

If you’re wondering what benefits come with this friendship, yes you’ll get a tasty bag of Peace Coffee and a Gear West Bike water bottle & swim cap. And Steve said he could offer “free hugs for life” if that is a plus for you.


This is what friendship looks like!

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