The Gold Guys Best Friends Relay: RUNNER ANNOUNCEMENT

Weekend Update

One of the great things about Peace Coffee is that they deliver coffee by bike. In that tradition I rode out to the Lake Minnetonka tri on Saturday morning with a backpack full of beans. Well, a backpack full of bags of beans. The race started pretty early so I figured the athletes would really appreciate a caffeine sponsorship. It was great to see tons of friends and teammates racing. Lots of folks from Hopkins Masters were racing or volunteering. Gear West Bike athletes won for both the men and women. Heather Lendway, who is crushing it pretty hard this year, led the race out of T2. Brooks Grossinger started the run first man and second overall! He really had to hustle. My pal Ross had a good day in the swim, which was exciting. We’ve been working on his swim for a year now. You may be surprised to hear that swimming consistently 2-4 times a week and doing a few swim lessons and using appropriate swim tools and doing appropriate sets will make you a much better swimmer. Ross reported that he was able to pick out who he wanted to draft off and stay on their feet! When someone moved around him and got in the way he was able to repass and then drop that person to reclaim to prized feet ahead. Being engaged and aggressive in a race like that is huge if you want to be competitive.


I found Aaron from the Peace Coffee team!

Hawes got a double thumbs up for pulling off a double race weekend! Tonka Sat & Manitou Sun.

Hawes got a double thumbs up for pulling off a double race weekend! Tonka Sat & Manitou Sun.

Sunday Ross and I rode over to Lake Phalen in St Paul to watch the inaugural Capital City Tri and the Best of the US race. Our teammate Matt Payne torched it. Matt, like Lendway and Ruth Brennan-Morrey, is on fire this year. I offered him a donut at 5k of the run but he declined. It great to shout at people while they go fast. Ross and I literally rolled up to the park as my athlete Tom was coming into the finish of the Cap City Tri. I was pretty excited about that timing and based on that I’m claiming to have super great intuition. Josh Blankenheim, who won the Cap City race, said he bases everything he does off of Teddy’s Training Tips. You’re welcome, Josh. If you’re looking to start winning you better get on board with Teddy’s advice. Check back Fridays. Also I may have yelled Go Gophers at the women’s winner of BOUS, Dani Fischer. She is a Badger. Listen up Badgers, if you’re going to come race over here I’m going to yell Go Gophers at you and I’m not going to apologize. So, if she heard me yell Go Gophers I’d like to officially state that I am not sorry.


Relay Runner

My Best Friend For Now Steve Stenzel and I are proud to announce that our official new Best Friend for the Gold Guys Best Friends Relay at the Waconia Triathlon is Jeremy Reichenberger! Congrats Jeremy and thanks to all the applicants. Steve and I were inundated with innumerable incredible applications. Absolutely inundated. I’d like to say thank you and maybe we can be friends someday to Aaron, Kyle, Karin and especially Dan. Dan applied twice showing real ambition and initiative. Hats off to you Dan, but sadly Jeremy’s resume was too strong this time. Jeremy is a Gopher Alum, he has a great amount of facial hair (not too much, not too little), he has remarkable American Flag running shorts, and he is from Waconia! A perfect fit. We three will be racing Sunday to show the power of friendship.

ImageI saw Steve at the pool this morning and guided him through his last serious swim session before the weekend.


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