The Gold Guys Present: Teddy’s Training Tips: Explore

First, Teddy wants to remind you to look out for The Gold Guys Best Friends Relay composed of Steve Stenzel, myself, and Jeremy Reichenberger at the Waconia Tri on Sunday.

Teddy is always eager to check out someplace new. He knows there are interesting new smells to be smelled just around the corner and new stuff to be chewed and new critters to chase after. He has his regular routes for walks he like just fine but he’s always open to small changes that make the routes better. When he gets the chance he’s always excited about sniffing his way around somewhere new.

This year I’ve tried to take Teddy’s attitude about exploring with my own running and riding routes. I’ve found many small changes that dramatically improve the quality of a route. In some instances taking a slight variation can be safer, quieter, or have less stopping, or just more scenic. Are there better options on your loops a block or two away? In one instance I literally used a road one block south of my previous route and it was FAR superior- safer, nicer, less stopping. There have been plenty of dead ends but the process of exploring is always interesting and I’m very grateful when I do develop a better route. Teddy says explore! Make a change and see if you can find a new and interesting place to run or ride.

Teddy just did some exploring at Minnehaha Falls:


Also, Teddy made a new friend Elle! Image


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