Winning in Waconia: Exciting Conclusion for the Gold Guys Best Friends Relay

We won! Jeremy, Steve and I were triumphant in our debut relay together. Our victory was all in the name of friendship. On race morning we were confronted with a very aggressive rival relay of Sean “Easy Peasy” Pease and his posse of rowdy ruffians. I’ve stated  before how I don’t believe in trash talk and would never partake in such behavior myself but these meddlesome hooligans had plenty to say. They were quite intent on defeating our Best Friends Squad and made their intention known in no uncertain terms. I won’t repeat the kind of unsavory phrases they employed during their verbal assault. Thankfully they were all talk.

Their swimmer got a bit of a lead over us even though Steve swam super splendidly because he has the heart of a champion and the body of a hobbit Ryan Lochte. I had to try to catch Seaneasy Peasy on the bike. Sean’s body is littered with tattoos and based on that you’d think he’s a real tough guy. Well when I passed him on the bike he wasn’t so tough. His bluster and bravado disappeared when he realized he was about to get mashed like potatoes before thanksgiving dinner. I mashed him real good. I rolled into T2 and handed our timing chip off to Jeremy who swiftly set out to seal our victory on the run. As I watched him start I couldn’t help but think of the great Olympian Lasse Viren. Jeremy is just that good. A haggard, though still belligerent, Seaneasy stumbled into transition over three and a half minutes later. Game over. They’d need Paul Tergat to even come close to closing the gap.

Even though the ruffian relay started all the trouble we, the best friends relay, are willing to forgive them. We believe so strongly in friendship that we may one day be friends with them in spite of their uncouth conduct.

Waconia is truly a gem here in Minnesota. The bike course has some hills but still really feels fast. There was doubt as to whether the race would continue this year but thankfully Final Stretch took the reigns and is keeping the event going strong. Never forget how lucky we are to have so many incredible venues here! We suffer through winter but these types of races make it all worthwhile.


Sometimes even a rascal like Seaneasy shows some class and sportsmanship.


Swagger in our step.


Thea brought Teddy out to watch. He seemed to be waiting for the hotdogs.


Yes I used my phone to Strava my ride and yes I got a KOM on my QR CD0.1. On a PRsix I could have gotten three KOMs.


Steve delivering the chip! That guy is so strong and so fast.


My time trial outfit. Gear West Bike skinsuit & shoe covers. Gold Guys Golden Helmet. And as always powered by Peace Coffee.


Teddy can be a trickster sometimes.


Seaneasy & I waiting for our swimmers. Notice his arrogant & abrasive demeanor.


Jeremy sailing in to the finish.


Brandon ran for the ruffians relay. Sad to see a good kid fall in with a bad crowd. He did try hard though.


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