Well Played

Ironman Frankfurt
The European Championship race was ferocious. The mens side didn’t look as deep as it has in the past but the top three were all in it to win it. Sebastian Kienle devastated everyone on the bike. Rode 4:12 and ran under 2:50 off that. Apparently Jan Frodeno got himself THREE flats during the ride but still went hard and earned third by running 2:43. To the Germans crushing it at home, well played.

Side note from Frankfurt, many of the female pros stated on social media that age group men significantly impacted their race dynamics on the bike. If we want a clean field of play for our female pros they need to be separated from the big bunches of age group men. If a pack of bros rolls through the women’s field they can drag weak swimmers straight to the front of the race. Major impact on how races play out. Races, let the women go to war with one another in peace without bro interference!

Josh at Red, White & Boom Half Marathon
My athlete Josh loves America and isn’t afraid to show it. He used his patriotic run shorts to get on TV at the race! Plus he ran a six minute personal best. Well played, sir. Also since he was wearing a Mill City Running jersey during the TV interview I expect he’s going to get a four to eight figure endorsement deal with the shop.

Patriotic Spokesmodel Josh is blowing up in the media right now.

Patriotic Spokesmodel Josh is blowing up in the media right now.

QR CD0.1 Farewell Tour
Since I fully expect Quintana Roo to send me my PRsix any day now I’m treating every ride on my CD0.1 like it’s my last. We’ve had some great times together and I will always have a special place in my heart for my CD0.1. I’m just focused on making the most of the little time we have left together.

I will always love you, CD0.1 but I'm very excited to replace you as soon as possible with a PRsix.

I will always love you, CD0.1 but I’m very excited to replace you as soon as possible with a PRsix.

Lifetime Minneapolis
My heel is coming around but I have not been able to prepare enough to race yet. So I will be out and about at Nokomis on Saturday but won’t race. Will I have Peace Coffee to sponsor you with? Of course. Why would you even ask that, you know I will. Will I have solid gold bullion courtesy of the Gold Guys to hand out? Probably not but you will have to come chat with me on race day to be sure. I mean, what if I was handing out gold and you missed it?
FYI it is VERY swampy around Nokomis so you will enjoy a robustly fragrant run. Also much of the run path is still underwater but that may dry out in time. Also ride a mountain bike because the roads are yeah, um, pretty nice or whatever. Maybe just don’t worry about it.

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