Searching for the Truth: Canada Questions

Thursday is the big day. I am boldly leading a fact finding expedition to the land of Canada. Last week I asked for your questions about this obscure realm. I will do my very best to find all the answers. If I cannot find an answer, rest assured I will make something up.

Thank you for all your wondrous queries. Please keep me and my expeditionary force in your thoughts this weekend as I expect the trip to be hellaciously harrowing. If you happen to be racing Ironman Canada in Whistler make sure to say hi at some point! Without further ado, here are your Canada Questions:



Why is illegal to to have a siren on your bike in Sudbury,Ont? Who does this?


Wondering if can find out if the Canadian Mounties are as sexy as I hear they are.



aside from how many bears do you expect to see on the course?



If Canadian’s do not have PBR in , what do the hipsters drink?



do you know what poutine is? If so what is your favorite kind? If not, report back after your trip.



if God didn’t want us to burn Canada, why did he make it out of wood and oil?



What language do they speak and is it difficult to learn as an adult?



why does Canada make you angry?


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One Response to Searching for the Truth: Canada Questions

  1. JerBear says:

    Devon – Be prepared for all the “ooting” and “abooting” up there. If somebody calls you a “Hoser,” know that it’s not a compliment.

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