On the Move

I have been out and about. Here is some information about various locations.

Ironman Boulder

Working for Ken Glah’s Endurance Sports Travel brought me out to Boulder for the inaugural Ironman there. It was neat. I got to see a few Minnesotans in action and at the finish which was a treat.

My roommate for the week Matt just did the Race Across the West and is doing the Race Across America next year. So yeah he rides alot and had some stories to tell.

They have an enormous Whole Foods in Boulder. Nick Morales and I got a flat tire in their parking lot. That was not so neat.

I got to hike and jog briefly in the mountains on Monday morning and it was magnificent.


USAT Nationals

I had nothing to do with this race but heard it is a great venue and event. Minnesotans Heather Lendway and Dani Fischer took the top two spots which is pretty neat. Peace Coffee has commissioned me to suitably reward the stellar performances of these two athletes and one has to wonder how good they could be when fully caffeinated? 


I got four days of incredibly relaxing riding around rural Wisconsin last week. This was super neat. Quiet roads. No stopping. Good road quality. Pretty surroundings. Very refreshing to have rides like this, urban riding can be quite stressful. In addition, Thea and I got to run with Teddy off leash since the area was so quiet! That little guy got pretty tired.

Upcoming occurrences:

YWCA Women’s Triathlon

Sunday Sunday Sunday! Thea and I are volunteering again this year. If you have some troubles with your bike on the bike course I may swoop in to the rescue. Or fumble around and hopefully your bike works again. Neat! Nicole Cueno, Race Director, would never say this but it is a pretty neat race and she does a pretty solid job putting it on so you should come out. 

St Paul Triathlon, Pigman Triathlon, HITS Waconia, Superiorman 

I have Peace Coffee distributors going to each of these races so if you are racing any of these races look for a chance to get some tasty coffee in your life. If there is no coffee at the St Paul Tri, that means Sean Pease kept it all for himself and there will be sever repercussions.

Maple Grove Triathlon

I’ll be there giving out coffee, taking pictures and hassling people. If you don’t like being hassled, that’s on you. No apologies. 

The Hopkins Royal Triathlon

My Hopkins Masters teammate founded this race and it has sold out in it’s first year! Way neat. He is making Kortney Haag and I work the mic all morning as race MCs. I figured if the Gold Guys ever need me to act in a commercial this kind of experience on mic will be very beneficial. I am ardently hoping to avoid inadvertently employing any profanity. Wish Kort and I luck! 

Ironman Wisconsin 

I will be working the QR booth all week! If you don’t have enough chances to meet me in Minnesota now you have a chance in Wisconsin! If you like seeing cool bikes or enjoy being hassled by a dashing pro triathlete, you should definitely stop by at some point. This is a neat opportunity for you! If I find out there is a Minnesotan who attends Ironman Wisconsin BUT DOES NOT stop by to say hi I will be deeply flustered. Not neat. Do the right thing and come to see me. My main man Mac will also be there so you can tell him how great it would be to see me on a PRsix.

Ironman Chattanooga

I am racing Ironman Chattanooga! If you are for some reason going to be there, guess what thats neat me too. It is going to be a great race right in QR’s hometown.

Have a great weekend!

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