Walking and Talking in Jerry’s Shoes

This weekend I am walking a mile in someone else’s shoes. Mr Jerry MacNeil is our professional race announcer here in Minnesota. He’s been at it a while. I’ve heard Jerry’s dulcet tones all through my triathlon career. All the way back in 2006 I gunned down some old guy in the finishing stretch of the Square Lake tri and Jerry made a comment about me not respecting my elders. For the most part, though, I’m experiencing discomfort while he’s talking during races so I don’t hear everything word for word.

Now I am going to take a glimpse into his world and announce the inaugural Hopkins Royal Triathlon this Saturday. Fellow Hopkins Masters swimmer Doobie started the race this year and he recruited Kortney Haag and myself to announce. Do we have experience? No. Do we know what we are supposed to do? Not really. Are we going to deliver an improbably impressive performance? Absolutely. As a professional spokesmodel I think this experience on mic will be beneficial as my sponsors may need me for inspirational speeches or to star in a commercial. Thats right, Gold Guys, after Saturday I’ll be ready for anything! Commercials, speeches, infomercials, you name it. If you are racing the Hopkins Royal Triathlon just know that I do not apologize for mispronouncing your name.

Will I have some Peace Coffee to distribute? Duh.

Lighting Round of Assorted Information:

-Volunteered again at the YWCA triathlon this year. Fixed one flat tire. Victory.

-Training is going well, running is coming around. Was running with my runner buddy Ben who is fairly good at running and at the end he said he wished I’d get back to my pre-injury level which was a vicious reality check. Give me a couple weeks Ben!

-My belligerent Badger buddy Tom Gerlach had a really good race at Ironman Louisville and NEARLY won! 16 seconds.

-Ironman has changed their pro structure significantly in 2015. Thinking through what will make sense for my season.

-Industrious Iowan TJ Tollakson won his second Ironman at Mont Tremblant. As you may know I despise Wisconsin and have nothing but contempt for of Iowa but this week I salute both Tom & TJ for their impressive Ironmans.

-Peace Coffee and The Gold Guys both have booths at the State Fair! Go see them and tweet me pictures of you there and I will reward you. Use the hashtag #DPrewards4ME. EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS reward if you get a picture with Shane at the Gold Guys booth or Mel at the Peace Coffee booth!

-My management team has been locked in aggressive negotiations with Quintana Roo over my PRsix for months. The #PRSIX4DP campaign really put the pressure on QR and it seems they may be ready to crack. As the talks draw to a close please remind QR how important this issue is. Please tweet Mac (@MacMcE) a note and use the hashtag #PRSIX4DPNOW

-Side note with QR, I’ll be at the QR booth at Ironman Wisconsin all day Thur, Fri, Sat! If you are a Minnesota you are obligated to come say hello and perhaps collect a bag of coffee and a complementary high five.

-With Ironman Wisconsin around the corner it is nearly time for my special #prosknowbest informational tweets! Look for these race week. If you’re anxious about the race these will certainly calm you and guide you to your best performance.

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