Kicking Off #PROSKNOWBEST 2014: A New Saying

Ironman Wisconsin 2014 is just days away. That means The Gold Guys are having me put out my annual #prosknowbest advice. You can get this advice by following me on twitter @dpalmertri. #prosknowbest is a series of crucial tips to help you do your absolute best on race day. It is VERY important to interpret these tips literally.

To get us started, I have made an important discovery that will change the world of triathlon training forever. This discovery is based on a methodical analysis and synthesis of two common triathlon sayings.

There are lots of popular sayings in our fine sport of triathlon. Some people say “more is better”. Some people say “less is more”. I’m inclined to put those two sayings together. Following the scientific method, we can conclude that if more is better and less is more then less is better. And if we take less is better to it’s logical conclusions then guess what:


That’s right, triathlon world. Our new training saying is here. First, training was good. Then, less training was better. Now we have the science to show that no training is optimal. And by science, obviously I mean I just mashed together two meaningless phrases.

Try it today. Stop training altogether and see your results skyrocket to new heights! Just think about it. No more fatigue. No more overuse injury. More time to focus on your blog about your training. It’s a home run, slam dunk, hole-in-one training philosophy. As you successfully implement nothing is the best into your own training please share your experiences on twitter with the following hashtags: #nothingisbest & #prosknowbest

Please check with your doctor to make sure not training is right for you. 

The Gold Guys are not responsible for any lost fitness or impaired performance related to following this or any #prosknowbest advice.

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