13 Things You HAVE To See

1. Who has time to write in paragraphs anymore? You certainly don’t have time to read them.

2. Ironman Wisconsin weekend was great. The athletes lucked out with nice weather again.

3. Thanks to all the Minnesotans who stopped by the QR booth, please enjoy your Peace Coffee water bottles and pins responsibly.

4. I got a PRsix! It is ridiculous!

5. I rode 113 miles on Tuesday on the PRsix. Blasted all my times on STRAVA and got a KOM.

6. The Gold Guys want to remind everyone that #prosknowbest is more of a bad advice column. If you interpreted it literally and followed the advice, that’s on you.

7. Midwesterner Daniel Bretscher won Wisconsin! Holy cow. What a great performance from an almost offensively nice guy. He dueled with Brandon Marsh, who is offensively sensible. Texas vs Iowa. No Boulder athletes in the mix! Booya!

8. My athletes all handled their day well at Wisconsin. I always lecture athletes about being mature and sensible and they were! Great to see them experience the joy and pain of Ironman. Well done!

9. Race announcing at the very first Hopkins Triathlon was fantastic. It felt like half of Hopkins Masters was volunteering and the other half were racing. Congrats to Doobie (yes he goes by Doobie) on getting it right his very first time directing a race!

10. Training for Ironman Chattanooga is going great. Good training plus a fancy new PRsix? Yeah I’m getting excited.

11. Teddy is retiring from providing training tips. He is still available for private sessions but frankly he has other interests to pursue right now, mostly napping. He thanks you for reading his thoughts this summer.

12. While there are lots of Minnesotans who deserve accolades for their performances at Wisconsin, I’d like to give a special ‘Hey guy, good job’ to Brian Sames for putting together a sensible first Ironman and winning his age group. He is strong.

13. Here are a few pictures!




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One Response to 13 Things You HAVE To See

  1. Not even a mention….ugh. I gave you black silk too. Thanks for the cheer at the finish! Goodluck in Chattanooga!

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