Training Tuesday & Chattanooga Goals

The Gold Guys asked me to introduce a new feature explaining my training on Tuesdays. Why Tuesdays? I tend to get a reasonable amount done on Tuesdays, especially during Ironman preparation. Also The Gold Guys and I all love alliteration, obviously. So here is the first installment of Training Tuesday:

-Wake up. Coffee, breakfast. Usually I just have coffee and a banana and ride to masters then have breakfast after swimming but I wanted to come closer to a normal Ironman day this time.

-Drive to Hopkins Masters.

-Masters: mostly easy swimming. Workout was 100s and 50s so I ignored it and mostly swam continuous and not particularly hard. Also it was a sparse lanemate day in lane 5 so there wasn’t much motivation to do the set or go fast. 3000 ish total, some regular swim lots pull+paddles. I love pull+paddles very much and do not apologize.

-Long ride from Hopkins. So much nicer to start from there. Saves me 13 miles of stop and go riding out of town. It felt odd to jump right into continuous steady riding in aero since it usually takes so long to get out of town. Stopped at Gear West Bike to pick up a few gels and also some tubes with long valves. Steady all day, very nice route and mostly windy out but then a tailwind after mile 60. Calamity struck all at once with 15ish miles to go. I bonked, my taint reached an alarming level of fatigue, and my front derailleur stopped working while I was in the little ring. These three things put together made riding very awkward. Overall it was a great ride. The PRsix has been stellar. I’ve been strong, comfortable and more importantly FAST every ride. Ride was 5:24 and 108 miles.

Ironman Chattanooga Goals

-Swim: nothing too specific. Want to swim with lead or chase group depending on if there are normal swimmers or super swimmers. Time is up in the air since we’re going downstream, could be very fast. Louisville last year was partially into the current then with the current (whereas Chattanooga is all with the current) and there I was with the lead group and went 48:59. My first IM swim at AZ in 2010 was 51 with the main chase group (with Chrissie Wellington, Chris Lieto, Timo Bracht etc). IM Florida in 2011 I went slow and mostly solo in 54 but I was in lousy swim shape.

-Bike: I just want to ride steady. IM AZ 2010 bonked on the bike (4:40). IM FL 2011 bonked on the bike, worse (4:35). IM Lou 2013 I really blew myself up (4:45). So I just want to not be such a dummy and ride steady. I think the course is relatively moderate though Ironman has stated it is 4 extra miles. I figure I might ride anywhere from 4:30 to 4:50 depending on how the course actually turns out.

-Run: Here’s a shocker, I want to run steady. AZ 2010 I ran 3:28 or so and started around 7 minute pace for lap 1, slid to 8 min pace for lap 2 and dropped to 9ish min pace for the last lap. Florida I took it out through 10 miles in 70 minutes, finished the first half in 1:33ish but slowed for a long stretch before rallying, overall my fastest at 3:18. Louisville I took out the first 8 miles in low 7s but then imploded finishing in 3:35. The time off running this summer and the slow comeback were not great but recently my running has been good again. So we’ll see. The next big goalpost for my IM running is 3:10.

I’ve started to identify myself more and more as an Ironman pro but I haven’t actually been smart during an Ironman yet. At Chattanooga I’m aiming for the seemingly modest, yet surprisingly tricky, goal of being smart and sensible.

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